Gluten Free Menu Swap- May 5, 2008

We had a big weekend with family at my house, so I will spend the rest of the week in recovery mode. My menu is important so I get back in the swing of things with South Beach Phase 2! I did not lose any weight last week, but I did cheat a little bit on Phase 2 for Dan’s baptism party. I made delicious chocolate covered torte brownie bites that I will post later, in case any one wants to make them! I found out that I am very allergic to Splenda, so I will be cooking with sugar or agave when appropriate. I am too afraid to try stevia or any other artificial sweetener at this point.

The ingredient of the week is potatoes! Since potatoes (the white kind) are high on the glycemic index, Hubby and I will be avoiding them. Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of nutrition though and are lower on the glycemic index (think middle). I keep the Alexia brand of Sweet Potato Fries in my freezer for Jude.


Monday: Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing (salad to be posted later) with Mahi Mahi

Kid notes: as for Jude, I will attempt to feed him the salad. He will probably end up eating the strawberries and the fish with ketchup.

Tuesday: Marinated Flank Steak with Stir Fried Cabbage

Kid notes: as for my Jude, he may eat the flank steak if I provide dip and I will give him a handful of sweet potato fries to finish off his meal.

Wednesday: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (did not get to this last week and really wanted to make it!)

Kid notes:I am not sure if Jude will go for the texture of the peppers or the quinoa. I may end up giving him crackers, veggies and hummus and maybe a little fruit.

Thursday: Zucchini or Eggplant Lasagna (no noodles, like Simply Gluten Free’s recipe) with Mixed Green Salad

Kid notes: Tomato Sauce and cheese= Jude happiness

Friday: Simply Recipes’ Blue Cheese Burgers Low Carb Style (these are awesome!) See Gluten Free Guide’s note on the gluten-free status of blue cheese.

Kid notes: Jude has a natural love for cheeseburgers.

For more gluten-free menu ideas, check out the menu swap hosted this week by Cooking Illustrated.

Monday Mommy Brag:

danbaptism1 Gluten Free Menu Swap  May 5, 2008

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