Banana Bread

I have had a ridiculously long day away from my little ones. I am attending a doula workshop all weekend (there I go acting like a hippie again) which has made me completely exhausted. My sister and I are attending the workshop together which has made the experience more fun for me. Since we are [...]

Cranberry Nut Bread

This Cranberry Nut Bread took me several iterations. I really like the results (finally), but I may continue to try and improve it. I am submitting this recipe to the Christmas Baking for the Holidays Gluten-Free Blog Event. Kate at Gluten Free Gobsmacked started this event and the Christmas round-up will be hosted by Sally [...]

Buckwheat Sweet Potato Quick Bread

I saw some good-looking sweet potatoes (Carolina Ruby) at Whole Foods today and decided that it was finally time to bake something for Gluten A Go Go’s Bread Baking Bonanza blog event for National Celiac Awareness Month and the World Day of Bread, October 16th. I can’t wait to get my hands on all those [...]

Celiac Diagnosis Challenges and then Dessert

For months now, my mom and my sister have been complaining of joint pain, headaches, and fatigue. I told them over and over, “It’s gluten!” I had begun to sound like a broken record and then I am afraid I began to sound like some kind of gluten conspiracy theorist. My sister went in to [...]