About Me

My name is Natalie and this is my gluten-free cooking blog. I went gluten-free in 2005 and have been happier and healthier ever since. I suffered from chronic urticaria (hives) and other health issues for a decade before I figured out the cause was gluten.

Whether it is just food allergies or a combination of the two, I am committed to a gluten-free diet for a healthier, happier life. I hope you enjoy my recipes and tips for living gluten-free. I would love to hear from you, so please drop me a comment now and then. Questions, constructive comments, and praise are always welcome! First and foremost, I want to promote a community of support for gluten-free living on my Gluten Free Mommy blog.

Natalie, a Gluten Free Mommy

Read more about my journey to the gluten free diet.

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