10 Silly Mistakes I Have Made on the Gluten Free Diet

I often get emails from new celiacs praising me about how perfect I seem at living gluten-free. Ha! The truth is it takes a little bit of planning and work to maintain a gluten-free lifestyle despite the fact that I have gotten better at working through the challenges. So since it is Friday, I decided to post a few dumb mistakes I have made on the gluten-free diet that have left me in hives or otherwise uncomfortable. Doh!

10. Fries at a fast food restaurant- French fries at a fast food restaurant are not a good plan. It doesn’t matter if McDonald’s french fries are or are not fried in oil derived from wheat… If you order fries from a place that makes fried food you will eventually end up with a cross-contamination issue. It also gets tiresome asking restaurant employees to make sure things are cooked in a separate fryer. And so I have had the craving for french fries (especially as a crying hungry pregnant woman) and gotten burned for it. It may turn out that you don’t “get gluten-ed” today, but chances are you will eventually if you eat french fries at a fast food restaurant. Do as I say, not as I do…

9. Peanut Butter Jar- Sad but true. I have been “gluten-ed” by this rather simple error. I have heard some people on the gluten free diet say that they institute a “don’t double dip” rule with a single peanut butter jar. This makes me laugh really hard. The last thing I want to do is nag about double dipping to my husband and children. Two peanut butter jars really didn’t work for us either, so now we use the homemade gluten-free bread that I make which makes everyone happy.

8. Chicken Broth- Campbell’s Chicken Broth is definitely, without a question, NOT gluten-free. My mother-in-law (whom I love dearly) made me a chicken tortilla soup and I ended up with really, really bad hives. She still has not forgiven herself for this, but I wish she would because I was never upset! It was a really easy mistake! Now we go over every ingredient together. My advice is to make your own chicken broth or buy one you trust like the gluten-free brand, Pacific Foods.

7. Hand Sanitizer- I admit that the “gluten in beauty products” thing eluded me at first. This is probably the area that I make the most silly mistakes. My first (not last) experience was with hand sanitizer. It pretty much scalded my hands. So FYI, pretty much everything at Bath and Body Works has wheat germ oil in it. We all need to form a coalition against giving people this stuff as gifts. Just my two cents.

6. Phantom Croutons on My Salad- To all the waiters and other restaurant staff (who still manage to sleep at night) who simply toss my croutons off my salad after being told that I have celiac disease and a wheat allergy, beware!

5. Vitamins- Working with your doctor on the right vitamin to take can be tricky. It is best to be proactive and talk with your doctor, the pharmacist, and the vitamin manufacturer to make sure the product you are taking is gluten free. This is a mistake I made when I was newly pregnant with my first son (scary!) but luckily I threw most of those vitamins right back up again.

4 . Flavored Coffee- Most coffee is naturally gluten free! That is good news for me. I have been “gluten-ed” by some flavorings and flavored coffees, so coffee lovers beware of these hidden glutens. And no one should go near instant coffee because it isn’t the real thing, but watch those brands if you are making a recipe that calls for it.

3. Sour Cream- I hate it when I accidentally bring home the light sour cream instead of the full fat sour cream. I have been hurt by the light sour cream, so if you are still eating dairy, make sure you bring the right kind of sour cream home. Most sour cream is gluten-free, but some brands of full fat/light sour cream are not. Restaurant sour cream is the worst. On the Border‘s sour cream is not gluten-free (last I checked) and I had to send my food back because they automatically put it on my salad even though I asked for the salad off the gluten free menu. Be very specific even when ordering from a gf menu!

2. Shampoo- I used to get my hair cut at an Aveda salon, but had to change when the products bothered me. Since the potion for these shampoos changes all the time, you may want to just wash your hair before you go. Most salons have rules against bringing your own products in, but you may get away with it in a smaller, local place. Shampoo may not bother everybody, but if you are taking a shower there is a chance the shampoo might wind up in your mouth (gross!).

1. Cadbury Cream Eggs- This is my dumbest and most recent mistake. I am kinda embarrassed to admit this craving, but these things were my favorite Easter candy as a kid. Anyway, I really thought these things were gluten-free, but it turns out that they are not! I forgot to check the label, and ingested one of these cream egg things. I read the label after eating my old favorite Easter candy (rookie mistake!) and ‘wheat’ was written as clear as day on the label. Yuck! I swear these things were gluten-free before in the U.S. (I could be wrong) but clearly they aren’t now. Things change, so make sure you read the labels every time. UPDATE: Kate at Gluten Free Gobsmacked just wrote to tell me that someone on the listserve wrote to say that those Cadbury eggs do have ‘wheat’ on the label, but they are in fact still gluten free. Apparently, the ‘wheat’ is the starter for the glucose syrup and the end result renders them gluten free- sort of like the distillation process and vinegar. So, I am not sure what to tell you about those Cadbury eggs. Maybe I will avoid them because they are bad for the waistline. I am not sure I can get over the ‘wheat’ on the label.

DISCLAIMER**** I call these ‘silly’ mistakes, but they are serious mistakes for anyone on the gluten free diet with celiac disease and/or food allergies. I call them ‘silly’ because I should have known better and to illustrate how these mistakes sneak up on you even after you have been on the gluten-free diet for years. ******

Read how I found the gluten free diet!

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54 Responses to “10 Silly Mistakes I Have Made on the Gluten Free Diet”

  1. I definitely gamble with french fries and beauty products more than I should! My silliest mistake was using the toaster at my office for my GF bread. I kept on getting glutened, and it took me three times to figure it out! I felt so dumb afterwards!

  2. McDonald’s fries – I ate them and got sick and then went to the website and checked the ingredients and there’s gluten in the flavoring they put on the fries. Yeah.

    But cadbury eggs???? Are you sure???? Because yes, I googled last easter and they were gf. And I’ve eaten one last week and didn’t get sick. Could it be the difference between the mini and the full size? Oh, you’re killing me here!!!!

  3. Sigh. Vigorous googling says that they *just* changed the dang formula this year. Can I strangle someone???

  4. Mandy- We have all been there! Sometimes it takes a few times to figure out the culprit! :)

    Shannon- I was super mad about the cadbury egg thing! It literally says wheat on the label now. That used to be my favorite sugary Easter candy. Man! I just wanted to let you guys know because I am sure there are other people who don’t know the formula changed either. Thanks for the vigorous google. tee hee. Between that and the ‘wheat’ label stamped on the wrapper, I think it isn’t gluten-free anymore. :(

  5. I changed my hairdresser and all my hair products – I had been going to an Aveda salon too. Wheat protein in everything! I would breakout all over my neck and shoulders.

    Glad you mentioned that about the cadbury eggs before I had any this year!

  6. What about Chick Fil A fries, when you verify that they’re fried in dedicated oil?

    Still possibly not safe??

  7. Karen- I was sad to have to change hairdressers, but I had a similar experience. Glad you haven’t eaten a cadbury egg yet!

    Rebecca- I have eaten the Chick Fil A fries that are prepared in a dedicated fryer. I have gotten sick once when fried bits ended up in the box (who knows how). It is important to note that not all Chick Fil A fries are fried in a dedicated fryer so you have to make sure they are prepared that way in each new location you go to and as always make sure the same location hasn’t changed the way they prepare the fries. And of course, as with my experience, cross contamination can happen. Thanks for the comment Rebecca!

  8. I could swear I read in the glutenfree.com newsletter that McDonald’s fries are now gluten free…? I’ve had terrible reactions to fries from Burger King and local places – anywhere that uses the same cooker for onion rings and other breaded items. Wendy’s has been okay for me. Best yet is Red Robin. Their GF menu boasts that they keep dedicated fryers for their french fries – and they’re “endless” too! Thanks for the great tips, Natalie.

  9. You aren’t crazy the Cadbury Eggs used to be gluten-free. It’s changes like that that are the scariest because I get lulled into a false sense of security with my ‘gluten-free staples’ and don’t always read the labels every time…

    Thanks for the reminder!

  10. How great to hear we all make mistakes! It has been so helpful to read all of the replys too, they all seem to hit home right now. We are going to chick fil a tomorrow for my older sons birthday.

  11. If you have Brueggers Bagels near you and think the tuna salad is safe it is not , they put bread crumbs in it!! Now I always ask about the tuna, who’d thought!

  12. My sister brought me back some mini cadbury eggs from GB that are gluten free. Of the three varieties she brought back, only the mini eggs were GF. I’ve finished them off with no breakouts.

  13. I smell a letter writing campaign . . . .

    Yeah, I went to the store yesterday and found a package and yup, WHEAT spelled out nice and clear. Fine, go ahead and ruin Easter you evil Cadbury people.

    I don’t remember getting sick a few weeks ago when I ate one but still, it’s not worth it. Sigh.

    Thanks for the heads up :D

  14. Natalie, this is a great list of warnings. I most recently got caught by my chapstick- I changed brands, and my lips just looked worse and worse, until I finally thought to check the ingredients. Only one that looked questionable, but sure enough, a google search revealed that ‘tocopherols’ can be sourced from wheat! And I’ve been doing this for 17 years- we all get caught doing, as you say, silly things!

  15. Good thing I have never had a craving for cadbury eggs! Luckily for me, I have never noticed any beauty/body products giving me any problems, just ingestion of wheat. Here’s another thing to think of: tortilla chips. I used to go into Mexican restaurants and eat the chips and salsa and not realize that they make things like chimichangas (flour burritos deep fried) and might use the same fryer. Most of the time I cannot eat them after asking.
    I eat the Wendy’s fries when I am on the road and have had no problems with them. Always in a dedicated fryer and listed at gluten free in their restaurants and online. I have had no problem with Micky D’s either, but I always ask first. Great tips!

  16. Great list! I was wondering about the light sour cream, though- I haven’t personally had problems with it, although it might be a question of brand. I often buy Daisy’s light sour cream, which says on its web site:

    Is Daisy Brand Sour Cream gluten-free?
    Yes, Daisy Sour Cream is gluten-free. Our Daisy Brand Regular and Daisy Brand Light Sour Cream products contain no starch. We use cornstarch, not a wheat starch, in our Daisy No Fat Sour Cream.

    If a starch is derived from wheat it should say so on the label, so label reading should help with picking out a gluten-free light sour cream. Contacting the company makes it even safer. :) Regular sour cream has way too many fat calories for me, alas. I have heard anecdotally that restaurant sour creams can be problematic, but I don’t have the skinny on this myself.

    Lately I’ve been using lowfat yogurt with all those lovely live cultures instead of sour cream, though.


  17. Thank you for making me feel better!! I have only had celiac for 2 years but sometimes I am amazed at the “silly” mistakes I make. It’s good to know that other people make them too. And yes, I too was heartbroken to hear about Cadbury Bunny Eggs not being safe anymore :(

  18. Great post! I have made some of these too (and a bunch of others too!.
    Thanks for the warning about the Cadbury’s egg. I was looking forward to my annual treat (yes, they USED TO be GF), but now I will gladly pass!

  19. For me it was some tortilla chips that I tossed down. Flavored tortilla chips. Not a good idea. My friend who had bought them, caught me after a hand full, “Not those! I got these SAFE ones for you.” Aren’t friends wonderful?

  20. Oh -boy – I bet we could come up with a big list of these for each of us! lol

    Just a tip on the salad/phantom crouton. THis drives me WILD! I used to be a waiter – so I konw the routine/trick – but as the diner now? I’m a bit trickier.

    Someone told me to slide a sugar pack under the top leaves of the salad I have to send back. If the packets are there when it comes back “new” and “without croutons”… well… send it back and bust them. :)

  21. I have a rash on my face due to product use – I switched make-ups to Afterglow (check it out – I love the stuff! -the founder has Celiac), which is GF, but I can’t bring myself to give up my Redken hair stuff. I only have the rash on my face, near the hairline, so I am very sure it’s the culprit. It’s a sad thing when I dedicate myself to eating GF and healthy but I don’t care enough about my skin to stop using the gluten-y products on my hair :-( And don’t get me started on eating gluten candy accidentally….LOL I am with Kate – we could all come up with huge lists. My big one, though, is giving The Gidge a treat, getting sidetracked before washing my hands, and then eating something that involves hands to the mouth. That happens at least once a month.

  22. Great list! I’d never have thought of the whole double dipping peanut butter problem. It’s sch a shame about the Cadburys cream eggs as they are lovely, but also the labelling isn’t all that obvious on them compared with a lot of chocolate products (or at least it isn’t over here in the UK)

  23. I am deeply saddened by the Cadbury egg issue. I am pretty new to the celiac lifestyle, and I will be mourning the loss of the cadbury egg – one of many favorites that are now off limits. Thanks for the heads up on lite sour cream and beauty products. My doc didn’t even mention lotions, shampoo etc. as something to check. I am still learning, and I love your site! It and glutenfreegobsmacked have been getting me through my wheat withdrawal. Thanks!

  24. Hi. I’m new to being gluten-free, so this list is very helpful to me! I was wondering about vinegar…Isn’t it created from fermenting wheat? I would bet that one is a pretty sneaky source (if it is a source!).

    So, does anyone know about vinegar??? Many thanks!

  25. The distillation process of vinegar – and vanilla – makes it impossible for gluten molecules to pass through. The only vinegar that is not GF is malt vinegar.

  26. Thanks M!
    Kristin- I avoid malt vinegar because it is not gf but use the other kinds- as you will see if you go through some of the recipes on this site!

  27. Thank so much for clarifying. Good info to know!

    :) Kristin

  28. Thank you thank you a million times!
    I read this post just before I went to work and realized why I have been having reactions for the last 2-3 months even though I was being very careful!!
    I’ve been getting hives, rashes, itching….HAND SANITIZER and BATH AND BODY WORKS LOTION!! I put it on only at work and wondered why I was having these weird reactions!! I would constantly reapply all during work. It all makes so much sense now. I thought it was my food.
    Really…I am so grateful, I am almost crying….it’s been a tough winter…. I had to go on prednisone and missed so many days of work.
    I realized the lotion had oats in it, which has given my worst reactions…even the GF stuff. It was right there on the label. I had never looked.
    OK. Now I am crying.
    But I am happy.
    You are awesome.

  29. Thanks so much for the update!!!!

    I’m not sure what to do either. I don’t care about my waistline ;-) but I do worry about eating a small bit of gluten and getting sick but maybe not enough to notice for sure? My symptoms are different depending on how much I get but I’m pretty reliable for getting fatigued and foggy even through tiny amounts so the fact that I ate an egg with no problem a month or so ago makes me hopeful.

  30. I just explained this all to my dh and mentioned that I ate one egg and didn’t get the head fog and fatigue. So his suggestion? “Eat five” to see what happens when I up the dose.

    Ah, suffereing in the name of science. I just might have to do it ;) :D

  31. The glucose syrup being derived from wheat is supposed to be similar to the distillation process used for alchohol and vinegar. The products have been tested and no gluten is in the final products. The Cadbury Creme Egg clarification re: its safety was just posted on the celiac listserv. And this month’s issue of Gluten Free Living shared this same issue re: candy that showed glucose syrup derived from wheat and they said it was indeed gluten free. A similar thing happened with the McD fries. They were always fried in an oil derived from wheat, but they were tested after showed wheat in the ingredients (and everyone understandably freaked out) and the testing showed no gluten. Their formulation had never changed. So now McD just avoids the whole GF issue. And, of course, it’s true that McD fries are supposed to be fried in dedicated fryers, but every now and then someone will post on the celiac listserv that they worked at McD and the fryers were sometimes used for other things; i.e., breaded things.

  32. Hi, I am also in mourning about the cream filled Cadbury’s eggs :-) )
    I have heard that those in the UK and Australia indeed ARE gluten free, but Hershey’s has taken over manufacture of Cadbury’s products here in the good old gluten filled USA, and changed the formula to using glucose syrup derived from wheat.
    I’m not sure I would believe claims about them being gluten free or whatever one person said. They’ve put wheat on the label because they legally have to.
    I wrote Cadbury’s USA about this, asking why they changed the formula because they are no longer safe for Celiacs to eat. I got an apology but that was it. So.. there was NO commentary from Cadbury’s USA that they are still gluten free- I’d say these are not safe.
    Luckily the milk chocolate mini- eggs still are…!!! (they’re solid milk choc with candy coating).

  33. Wow, I just read Shirley’s comment above mine, regarding the gluten free syrup. Could it be…???
    I hadn’t heard this. Very interesting- will look up the article.
    Thanks, Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hey everyone- I have reacted to the Cadbury eggs on two different occasions this year. It is possible that I have an additional allergy or my particular egg was cross-contaminated, but my hands and feet were COVERED in hives… No idea why…. Some people haven’t had reactions, so I would just make your own judgement call. I believe that there are no gluten molecules passing through in the glucose syrup and all that, but something is making me react…maybe it is cross-contamination. Hmmmm….

  35. Hi! Loved these silly mistakes! I have to admit….I LOVE CADBURY EGGS, too! I just ate one yesterday. My intestines are super sensitive to gluten and wheat and when I eat anything with gluten, my belly makes me look like I am nine months pregnant! That is serious stuff to me as I am a professional fitness model and a natural athlete! I have to see my abs at all times! LOL And that little cadbury egg did not hurt me. I do gamble with French Fries as well. They have never bothered me. When I go out to dinner, I usually just go Japanese and have SASHIMI ! I love it! I bring my wheat free soy sauce by Tamari brand and chow down! That is always a safe alternative to traditional restaurant fare. Anyway, have a great day and I love this website!!! My website is for health and fitness enthusiasts and I am trying to make this issue with gluten and wheat intolerance very public in the world of bodybuilding and fitness!! THanks for all your help and advice on here! xoxo Tamar Cohl




    http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/tamar.htm Articles and Videos I have done about Gluten and Wheat Intolerance and Celiac Sprue Disease

  36. Tamar- I just set up my home gym (it is my favorite room in the house now) and have really gotten into weightlifting. I swear I lost my babyweight last time with the squats. Anyway, it is harder to get to the gym these days, so we just ordered a power rack so I can do them at home. I have a long way to go this second go round, but it is exciting at the same time. I will go check out the website. :)

  37. Can someone clarify Red Robin French Fries for me…? I was told their fries are shipped frozen with the Red Robin special seasoning already on the fries(which contains wheat) therefore the fries are not GF. I believe I read this on the Red Robin website or it’s listed on their GF menu.

  38. Nicole- I do not go to Red Robin so I don’t have any personal experience dealing with that restaurant. However, Gluten Free in SD wrote them last year (04/07) and they did NOT list french fries as being safe. In their statement they mentioned that their french fries were not cooked in a dedicated fryer. http://www.glutenfreeinsd.com/red_robin.html
    Based on the discussion of Red Robin this seems to be different at each location. Gluten Free Steve LOVES Red Robin and has his take on Red Robin
    http://glutenfreesteve.wordpress.com/?s=red+robin. Apparently there are dedicated fryers at that location. I am not sure about the seasoning they put on the fries… You might ask Steve about it!

  39. My first rookie mistake was – the first week – buying Rice Krispies and Rice Krispie Treats for my husband thinking “Oh, these are just rice, they should be fine!” I still feel bad about that and have become much more diligent about reading labels! :)

  40. I have also been attacked by the viscious hand sanitizers! My hands were raw for about 4 days.. I had no idea Bath and Body works used gluten products. Now I do, and now I ask.. and most people have no idea that work there. It’s frustrating.

  41. nicole: the fries at red robin are gluten free, they dont pre order them with seasoning on them. they add it when they cook them and they do have the designated fryer for regular fries there, i go there 2-3 times a week cause my friends always wanna go to dinner and thats the onlyy place im 100 percent sure of i wont get sick. i eat a huge salad from there with their gluten free dressing and a side of fries with no seasonings, u jus have to specify it. but their staff are really well trained on it, as soon as they see you have the gluten free menu in your hand they help you so much. i usually order the same thing everytime and they make sure they read it back to me very clearly. the first time i went there i didnt even kno i couldnt have the seasonin on the fries and the waitor was like ok fries with no seasoning and i was like why no seasoning? he pointed out an ingredient in their seasoning and im like wow thank you! even had one experience where he brought me out my salad and a fry had dropped on it and he came right up to me and was like a fry dropped on your salad im gona go back and have them make you a new one i apologize i shouldve brought your food out first. awesume resturant, great staff!!

  42. Kim said she ate Wendy’s fries – they have wheat on them and are NOT safe. My understanding that they used to be safe but they changed the formula and are not safe, trust me I found out the hard way last year.
    It was worth it to see my friend grossed out by me dipping my fries in my frosty, the combos he comes up with are totally sickening yet fries and frosty grossed him out.

    McDonald’s have what on them early in processing and by the time they are cooked in store are supposedly under 20PPM.

  43. I am relieved to see that even veteran gfree-ers can make rookie mistakes. I am one that also loves a good french fry, but I only order them from places that have a dedicated fryer. My favorite place to get them is from Penn Station http://www.penn-station.com/ They are fresh cut, fried in peanut oil and they do NOT fry anything else so no risk of cross contamination.

    Also I kept picking up the cadbury eggs this Easter, reading the label and putting them back down. One time, I was craving one so bad even after I read the label. I was very close to eating one and possibly making myself sick. YIKES!

    I’ve only been gfree for about 2 months, so I feel like I have a ton still to learn. I’m glad that I’m not the only one struggling with this.

  44. I was sick for 5 months before an inspiration caused me to look up “glucose” and “coeliac” on the same Google search. It took me to an article by the Australian Coeliac Society which said that most glucose in the US is made from corn, but in Europe and the rest of the world it is mostly “sythesised from hydrolised wheat protein and can contain up to 2% wheat whilst still being legally listed as wheat-free and gluten-free. Ultra-sensitive coeliacs and those allergic to wheat will be affected.” I had been eating so-called “wheat-free, gluten-free” snack bars made from dried fruit and nuts with no cereal content… But because of the glucose I’d been suffering migraines, nausea, muscle-weakness, IBS, hives… you name it! I thought I’d developed a new food allergy, and I’d tried cutting out tap-water and even rice for three weeks each before I suddenly thought about the glucose!! It’s outrageous that 2% wheat can legally be listed as “wheat-free” – that is the amount that is NOT transformed by the hydrolisation process, and therefore contains gluten and affects us…

  45. I want to thank everyone for all the notesand advice. My daughter who is only 6 yrs, old has not passed a blood test in 6 months. alot has to do with what they get every other wknd. at dads. I admit there are some crazy nights and had no choice but to let her eat something she shouldnt but she is only asymptomatic. still not sure what that is supposed to mean. Two tiny lines in a x-ray? I ak still so clueless to mosst of the labels ane i know i need new glasses but can barely read some of those labels and still very unsure on ingredients. Thanks for this site. It is helping and I have alot of learning to do still. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. i do have the gluten free shoppers buying guide but noticed we dont have a lot of those name brands around here.

  46. [...] out some of the little details that are easy to overlook. I can definitely relate to this article 10 Silly Mistakes I have made on the Gluten-free diet. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Week [...]

  47. I am writing a blog on recently going gluten free and ironically my last post was about how glad I am to have french fries still in my diet! It definitely never occurred to me that the cross contamination in the oil would cause the fries to absorb gluten too! I definitely have been getting lazy lately about looking for gluten in sneaky places and you reminded me I need to get back on track! Thanks for the post!

  48. I have been gluten free for 5 years after a couple of years of testing (and suffering). I have done all the “rookie mistakes” as well and still sometimes do. But my remedy for skin care and cosmetics is Arbonne and it’s been a true blessing. Shampoo is harder to find, right now I am using Arbonne intelligence with tea tree oil. I will say that it’s been good to me so far. My rash that some of you (above) have mentioned having as well has gone away finally.
    Thank you Natalie for sharing with all of us! It’s so helpful and encouraging to hear from others with common concerns.

  49. Just a note about vinegar. Yes, distillation makes white vinegar gluten-free, (if it was made from wheat), however, I am highly sensitive to it – all we can figure is that it is still a concentrated wheat product, and as I am also a sufferer of various food intolerances… even a tablespoon of salad dressings send me to a day-long vacation to the smallest room in the house.

  50. Hmmm thanks for the post! There are so many food items that you just assume that it is gluten free! I just discovered that pesto dressing (like the kind you would put on pasta … gluten free pasta) isn’t gluten free (the hard way). And yes, fries catch me everytime :P

  51. Just a comment on cadbury cream eggs.
    I have been enjoying them lately bought from Coles
    The label reads that they have glucose syrup from wheat
    Which I Understand is safe on a gf diet.
    I recently bought a packet from Aldi same product
    Different ingredients maltodextrin from wheat. I read this after
    I had consumed 2 eggs. Needless to say I have been very ill

  52. Ha ha……yeah, I’ve made most of these silly and serious mistakes too. Being Celiac seems to be a live and learn as you go thing. The more knowledge, the more power!

  53. We like Five Guys Burger and Fries for our fry fix here in Texas! We are about to get an In-and-out Burger, and I’ve heard positive things about their dedicated fry fryers!

    I also now use Original Sprouts Natural shampoo for both me and my baby. Its a bit on the expensive side (12 oz for $20) but totally worth it as it is gluten-free, hormone-free, soy-free and all natural – and it makes our hair super soft and curly! :) Their detangler spray is a lifesaver for my little curly guy, and I’ve heard good things about their other styling products. ( http://www.originalsprouts.com )

  54. We have a Johnny Rockets that also uses a dedicated fryer for GF french fries. Yum!!

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