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  1. Have you found a gf noodle that stands up in a soup recipe. All the ones I have tried just end up as a thickener to the soup and I have no noodles left. I need one that will stand up to simmering soup. Any suggestions. I have tried Tinkyada brand any other suggestions?

  2. Sharon-
    I would try adding the noodles to the soup in the last 20-30 minutes of cooking. I have not found a noodle that will work yet.
    Anyone else found a noodle that will work?

  3. Hi – I though you guys may also be interested in a project that I put together last year to educate people about going wheat and gluten free, how to do it, why and the health problems that come from this disease.

    It’s called , it’s completely 100% free, there’s nothing to buy. I did this to help others because of how much this knowledge has helped me.

    It is video based learning for anyone on the internet. It’s had really good feedback from people and organizations like yours all over the world. I thought you might like to check it out.


  4. We are a long way away, but if you are after gluten free or celiac info in Australia (ie you are on holiday), then this site will definitely help:

    Everything is free for visitors and NO products are sold on the site.

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