He’s here!  My baby was finally born. After what seemed like such a long wait, the birth was fantastic and very fast! I had a beautiful 9 lb. 4 oz. baby boy. My family of four is finally all here and I couldn’t be happier. My little Jude doesn’t know what to make of [...]

Chewy Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons

I found this recipe while thumbing through an old issue (August 2005) of Cooking Light. I adapted it to be gluten-free and here are the results! I enjoyed this cookie very much and I am looking forward to other iterations where I can play with the recipe a little bit. I think there are a [...]

[Dad's favorite] School Days Peanut Butter Cookies

I have been cooking all week, but this has definitely not been reflected on this blog. There have been some failures and some good recipes made, but nothing particularly blogworthy. It is not that a recipe has to be perfect or even complex, but it has to be fabulous- otherwise you could just take your [...]

Sour Cream M&M Cookies

My granddaddy used to work for M&M Mars, so M&M cookies were a big tradition at our house growing up. It is one of those traditions that I want to continue with my own family. My family’s recipe is amazing, but I wanted one that had less butter and would translate better as a gluten-free [...]

Banana Chocolate Coconut Blondies “Monkey Bars”

I have dubbed this recipe, “Monkey Bars,” because Jude, my little monkey, loves them. Not to mention that he acted like a monkey while I was making them. He has claimed ownership over mommy’s onions and throws them at every opportunity. I had just swept the floor, but decided that it was best to let [...]