Strawberry Cake

A little while ago, Cris over at Conviviality, emailed me requesting help with a Strawberry Cake. I had never made a gluten free strawberry cake, so I didn’t have any wisdom to offer her at the time. Since that email, I have wanted to make a very happy pink strawberry cake! This cake is delicious [...]

Lemon Opera Cake

After seeing how much fun my fellow Gluten Free Bloggers were having with the Daring Bakers Challenges, I decided to join in the fun. And boy do they mean business when they say Daring! May’s challenge was to make an Opera Cake. When I read the ingredient list, the supply list, and scrolled down the [...]

Angel Food Cake

Classic angel food cake is naturally casein free and can be a delicious gluten-free cake too. If you remember cardboard, spongey, store-bought angel food cake, this is nothing like that. Homemade angel food cake is moist, tender and definitely worth trying! When strawberries are not in season, try lemon curd, chocolate whipped cream with chocolate [...]

Blueberry Breakfast Cake

This recipe tastes exactly like a gluten-loaded Otis Spunkmeyer blueberry muffin. It is pretty uncanny actually (in my long-ago memory anyway) and I sat there thinking, “is that really a good thing?” tee hee. I have eaten two servings already, so I suppose it is a good thing! This blueberry cake makes a great gluten-free [...]

Cindalou’s Flourless Espresso Chocolate Cake

One of my favorite gluten-free blogs is Cindalou’s Kitchen Blues. Cindy and Jon author this fantastic gluten-free blog that focuses on healthy gluten-free, dairy-free, and low carb recipes. I think of Cindy as a gluten-free Rose Levy Beranbaum because she approaches gluten-free cooking from a scientific angle. I love that! I admit that I completely [...]