My Journey to the Gluten Free Diet

I wanted to write this post when I first started my gluten free blog in March of 2007. However, I could not do the post justice at the time, so I began by blogging gluten free recipes. I decided that the longer I put off the post the harder it gets to write, so I [...]

Menu Plan Monday- September 17th

I am a little behind today, but I just finished my menu and shopping for the week. I went out of town for the weekend, so I will be playing catch-up all day. We went to my mother’s house and my little boys had a ball. I don’t think Jude has ever been that dirty! [...]

Top Five Reasons I Look Great on a Gluten Free Diet

Since I began blogging, I have been reading Darren Rowse’s blog, ‘Problogger.’ He has a lot of useful tips for bloggers, so if you are a blogger or just a blog reader go check out his fantastic blog. He is hosting a ‘Top Five’ writing contest this week so to support his great blog and [...]