Gluten Free Menu Swap- April 21, 2008

My good friend, Nilda, gave me a beautiful present for my kitchen this weekend. She made me an herb garden for my kitchen! What a sweet gift! Nilda knew how much I wanted some of her oregano from Puerto Rico, so she planted some along with several other herbs. It is not often that someone thinks of you in such a thoughtful way, so I was truly touched! I am including a picture, in case you would like to make an kitchen herb garden for someone. Isn’t it beautiful? herbgarden Gluten Free Menu Swap  April 21, 2008

As far as diet progress goes, I think I am going to have to send sugar a “Dear John” letter. I have lost ten pounds and I have never felt so energetic and happy! It feels good to have made so much progress so quickly. The South Beach diet really does wean you from some of your unhealthy eating habits. Any pitfalls I might have had were really helped by the discipline I have learned from following a Gluten Free Diet. My husband has also lost a lot of weight with me. When you are married, I guess you lose or gain weight together!

Now on to the menu planning! Remember the idea is to be realistic and practical when you menu plan. Keeping yourself gluten-free is the idea, so it doesn’t matter how fancy your menu is! I was out of town all weekend helping my mom, so my meal planning is rather last minute this week (and no tag). This is unfortunate because cilantro is my absolute favorite herb and luckily, my husband is equally enthusiastic. Cilantro is packed with important nutrition such as Vitamin A and lutein. In the alternative medicine world, cilantro is also known to have a detoxing effect on the body. Enjoy those salsas!

My Gluten Free Menu Plan

Monday: Broiled Salmon with Steamed Vegetables

Tuesday: Lemon Chicken and Asparagus Salad

Wednesday: Pork Chops with Green Bean Salad

Thursday: Marinated Flank Steak and Stir Fried Cabbage

Friday: Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Mixed Green Salad


Cooking Illustrated- Jacki is making a pulled pork recipe in the slow cooker and a delicious-sounding Lemon Rosemary chicken.

Gluten Free Goodness- Cheryl joins us for the very first time. Her menu is impressive this week! She is making grilled lamb with roasted red peppers and quinoa. Yum!

Ginger Lemon Girl- Go check out Carrie’s menu post and enter to win the new edition of the Triumph Dining Guide! She is boycotting cilantro this week, so we are going to have to give her a hard time for not liking it!

Book of Yum- Seamaiden has my mouth watering with her picture of homemade peanut soup. Go check out her gluten free menu!

Gluten Free Sox Fan- Karen is planting her herb garden this weekend. (Hopefully, Hubs and I will be gardening this weekend too!) She is making Fish Tacos, which is one of my favorite dinners!

Asparagus Thin- Amanda is making cilantro potato latkes, sweet and sour vegan fishballs, and egg pakora. Her cooking week sounds busy and I am a bit envious!

Angela’s Kitchen- Angela has great ideas for surviving a busy gluten-free week! Her freezer is low so she will be replenishing her banana muffins and pumpkin waffles supply!

Faking It GF Style- Terri has some great information on free radicals and a great meal plan for the week ahead.

Fresh Ginger- Ginger has a great menu and her appetizer of the week is Gruyere Pinwheels with Herbs. Sounds fabulous!

My Monday Mommy Brag:

danwalking1 Gluten Free Menu Swap  April 21, 2008

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