Gluten Free Menu Swap- May 19, 2008

I have lost fifteen pounds so far on the South Beach diet. I am 125 pounds today. As I have said before, I find Phase 2 to be challenging while on the gluten free diet, exercising and nursing. Brown rice is reserved for Phase 3, so bread or muffin recipes can be challenging. At the very least all these recipes needed to be modified. Even using grainless recipes or only low glycemic whole grain gluten free flours, I find that most days I need more calories because of all the exercise and nursing I am doing. I definitely noticed declines in breastmilk (even on weeks that I didn’t lose weight) that had to be remedied with some good carbs, water, rest, and alfalfa tablets (as recommended by my nurse practitioner). Perhaps breastfeeding and Phase 2 would be easier if I could grab a piece of whole wheat bread or a whole wheat tortilla, who knows?

I have decided to implement Phase 3 and continue with the principles of the South Beach diet. This diet has taught me a lot about the glycemic index and really turned my diet upside down in a good way! The principles of the South Beach diet really has helped me live a better gluten-free life. I hope to lose five more pounds gradually over the next few months to reach my ultimate goal of 120 pounds. Although maybe I will pack on so much muscle that I will go up to 130 pounds instead!

So it is important to remember that the gluten free diet is a healthier diet for those who are celiac or allergic/intolerant to wheat, but that is because our bodies react to gluten (causing less absorption of vitamins among other things) not because the diet is inherently healthy. The gluten free diet is not a weight loss plan (pet peeve alert).

I will go ahead and list a few challenges:

1) Gluten free bread is not fortified and can contain tons of “white” nutrition-less flours. When you hand your gluten-free kid a slice of bread, it is better if the slice contains whole grain flours.

2) Tasting great baked goods again distracts from the ultimate goal of healthful eating! It is hard to put even more limitations on your diet!

3) Those on a gluten free diet can also suffer from a lack of fiber, so it may take a little strategy to get enough in your diet again.

4)Processed gluten free food is typically high in sodium, sugar, and starches.

5) Your gluten free journey may also include discoveries of other foods or grains that make you sick. Creating recipes in your gluten free kitchen that are just right for your family are important. It will not only help your waistline but your pocketbook.


Thomas from the Gluten Free Casein Free Experience adopted me in the Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger Event!

Melody of Triangle Portraits started the Triangle Allergy and Intolerance Meetup Group and asked me to be an assistant organizer! If you are in the Raleigh Triangle area, please join us! We do not have any events scheduled and would love any ideas about how to get this group going! We are looking for family friendly weekend ideas! Please comment if you have any suggestions! Cindalou and Ginger Lemon Girl are also members!


And in an effort to be better prepared for meal times, I have made notes for my two year old and my ten month old.

Monday: Pork Tenderloin with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and an Asparagus Salad

Kid notes: Boys will eat applesauce with their meal. Jude and Dan will eat the sweet potatoes, but Jude probably won’t eat the pork unless it is cut in small pieces and served with ketchup.

Tuesday: Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos with Chipotle Coleslaw

Kid notes: I am going to make a bean burrito for Jude as a substitution. Dan will probably eat oatmeal and strawberries. Every effort will be made to introduce them to spicy flavor of chipotle though!

Wednesday: Chicken Cobb Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette

Kid notes: Jude will probably eat the individual parts of the salad- he doesn’t appreciate mixed greens yet though. I will probably feed Dan hard boiled egg yolk (no egg whites and we have no history of egg allergies) with brown rice and a fruit.

Thursday: Grilled Flank Steak and Vegetables with Chipotle Dressing

Kid notes: The boys will probably eat the flank steak if cut in small pieces. Jude may eat some of the grilled veggies with a different dip.

Friday: Crustless quiche with leftover grilled vegetables (this is a great frugal meal idea – you can also use leftover stir fry)

Kid notes: I may be able to persuade Jude to eat the quiche with a little bacon on the side. Dan will eat mashed avocado with brown rice cereal.

For more great ideas, go visit the Gluten Free Menu Swap hosted by Cooking and UNCooking this week!

Monday Mommy Brag:

judedirtyface1 Gluten Free Menu Swap  May 19, 2008

Jude is cute even with a dirty face!

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