Peach Cobbler

I have gone a little nuts for peach cobbler. I have made several and this is one of my favorite versions. My husband, resident taste-tester, was thoroughly interrogated and he swears he loves it. I think he is beginning to regret this role as blog taste-tester. My perfectionist tendencies frequently result in fewer blog postings, [...]

Chocolate Biscuits and Strawberries

This is such an easy gluten free dessert! I thought of making gluten free brownies last night, but I decided to make these chocolate biscuits instead. They are not as rich as brownies and take much less time to prepare and bake. I am sure that not everyone will appreciate a chocolate-flavored biscuit, but I [...]

Cherry Clafouti

I have wanted to make a gluten free clafouti for a long time, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. When I passed this recipe a few days ago in The Quick Recipe (The Best Recipe Series) and had fresh cherries on hand, the time had come to give it a go. I [...]

Apple Crisp

Since I bought gluten-free oats, I was excited to try the oats out in a gluten-free apple crisp. I confess, I missed the oats in my first gluten-free apple crisp recipe. I kept the sliced almonds from my first recipe though- I like the extra crunch in my crisp. If you want extra decadence and [...]