Whole Beer Bread & Baking Tips

My latest gluten free bread recipe is made with an entire bottle of gluten free beer- Get it? Whole Beer Bread? If you have gluten free beer hanging out at your house make sure to set aside a bottle for this recipe! My husband and I don’t drink beer, so I always have to go [...]

Almond Honey Yeast Bread

This bread is one of my favorite recipes. I am going to feature it on my Easter brunch menu this year. It needs no toasting and it doesn’t need butter, honey, or any other condiment. The taste is wonderful- I encourage all of you to try this bread with the millet flour and the almond [...]

Baking Gluten Free Bread: Millet Oatmeal Bread

For years after going gluten free I avoided bread. I was almost too embarrassed to admit to readers that I just didn’t have a gluten free bread recipe. I went completely without bread until we moved to Raleigh. It was here that I discovered Whole Foods Bakehouse Gluten Free Sandwich Bread. For a long time, [...]