Gluten Free Menu Swap- April 7th

7 years ago today, when I was a freshman at Baylor, my Dad died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam while on assignment looking for POWs/MIAs from the Vietnam War. Here is the archived story in Newsweek- my dad was Lt. Col. Rennie Cory, Jr. So every year on April 7th I try and remember everything I can about him, even the little things that used to drive me crazy. I will probably call my siblings and each one will remember something about Dad that I had forgotten or maybe never knew. Oddly, that will make me feel better. Knowing that there are memories out there that I can relive and remember my Dad for who he was and not just as some army action hero. He was a great dad. And I miss him everyday.

I guess I just felt the need to remind everyone that wars don’t just last for a couple years, they last for decades. And American soldiers are heroes, even if you don’t agree with the war they are fighting. My dad died as a result of the Vietnam War in 2001.

Oddly enough, one of the things that brings me closer to the memory of my father is weightlifting. Gotta love it. And as I have started weightlifting again, I have become more conscious of my diet.

Like all of us I suppose, I am unhappy with the preponderance of nutrition-less starches and the lack of fiber in the gluten-free diet. I am hoping to gain some perspective on nutrition, glycemic index, and weight loss in the upcoming weeks. My plan is to start with the South Beach Diet and build from there. The gluten free diet has given me the confidence to try a weight loss diet because I know firsthand how food can affect your body. This may sound obvious, but if there is a diet that can make me feel even better, I want in!! In addition, postpartum weight retention increases your risk of gestational diabetes in successive pregnancies. Yuck. Since Dad was a fitness buff (he jokingly called his muscles “grotesque overdevelopment”), I am sure he would be proud.

Since every special diet needs a menu plan, here goes! I already love the simplicity.

menu swap 044 Gluten Free Menu Swap  April 7th

Monday: Grilled Mahi Mahi with Asparagus

Tuesday: Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Wednesday: Shrimp Salad

Thursday: Steak with Roasted Vegetables

Friday: Ginger Chicken with Scallions and Broccoli

Gluten Free Menus:

Book of Yum: Sea’s menu looks fantastic as does the recipe for Garlic Greens with Horseradish Crumble with Tahini Dressing.

Gluten Free Sox Fan: Karen’s menu relys on staples from her menu rotation which is a smart move when you have a busy week ahead.

Cooking Illustrated: Jacki joins us for the first time! Her menu includes Frikadeller, which are Danish meatballs. Let’s hope she will share the recipe!

Fresh Ginger: Ginger’s menu is well-rounded to be sure! She is making Greek comfort food, Moussaka, and Roast Beef with a Garlic Horseradish Crust. Sounds amazing.

Angela’s Kitchen: Angela has a great menu with a few gluten free slow cooker ideas. She is making a gluten free birthday cake this week as well.

Gluten Free in the Greens: Kara has her menu up too! She is making a pizza with a quinoa crust this week.

And of course, Organizing Junkie, where hundreds of menu planners post their links. Not all are gluten-free, but fabulous dinner ideas abound! While you are there, check out some of Laura’s great tips on getting organized!

My Monday Mommy Brag

jude 4 7 8 Gluten Free Menu Swap  April 7th

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