Italian Sausage Spaghetti

I have really been slowing down in these last days of pregnancy. I am cooking fast, easy meals that do not require much thought, energy, and time. My computer is also broken, so I am using my husband’s computer when he is not working. I am hoping my computer can be fixed! On the mommy front, my toddler has started walking! Yay! I have been extra busy running after him. I am really happy that he is walking now because both Jude and I were both starting to get frustrated. The poor kid just did not want to fall. I am sure he will be a pro by the end of this week. The other good news is that Jude is starting to grasp the concept of cleaning up. I thought it would be months before this occurred to him. The first thing he did was try and help me fold the laundry and put in on the pile I was working on- normally, he just gleefully throws everything on the floor that I have just folded and put in piles to put away. Later that day, I asked him to please put back all of the placemats he had just taken out of the basket. I really thought I was just practicing my mommy voice, but he scampered back and started putting the placemats back in the basket. Unbelievable. I guess you never know when something is just going to click!

italian sausage spaghetti3 Italian Sausage Spaghetti


I made Italian Sausage Spaghetti tonight with Tinkyada pasta. My husband and I really enjoy pasta now. He never really enjoyed it before because he always felt sick and too full after eating pasta too- and he doesn’t have a gluten intolerance! I browned some gluten-free Italian sausage, made my marinara sauce, and threw it over the Tinkyada spaghetti. Voila! If only every night were that easy.

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11 Responses to “Italian Sausage Spaghetti”

  1. Glad to know you are doing well! I missed you. :)

    Pasta..that great easy yummy meal..thank goodness there is a good substitute.

    Walking…big will now be on your feet following him everywhere!Just think of it this way, it will be will work off the pregnancy weight faster. ;)

  2. Oh, yeah, that looks good!!!! Make sure to freeze some to heat quick after the baby comes! GOSH…getting so close now…hoping all goes well for you. Please post when you can :D

  3. This is a must make for me this week. Thanks for the idea. HUGS

  4. it looks yummy

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  8. This looks amazing!

    I’ve run into problems finding gluten free sausage in our local grocery store delis. Can you recommend any brands that I should keep an eye out for? Thanks! :)

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  10. Hey,
    My boyfriend had recently had to start a gluten-free dairy-free diet which has been very tough on him. He has a very rare condition and this is just another possible treatment for an endless reluctant disease. I’ve been searching through all kinds of websites for helpful gluten-free recipes so when I stumbled upon this one, it was a god sent. To cheer my boyfriend up I’ve been trying to cook him a meal he can actually eat. This is great! Thank you so much, I look forward to continue reading this blog. Great work!

  11. GF Italian sausage? We’re so new to this I though all Ital. saus. was GF! Oh no!

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