Gluten Free Menu Swap- January 14th

menu swap 024 Gluten Free Menu Swap  January 14th

Jude and Dan have been keeping me so busy these days! Making dinner is interesting juggling these two. Jude loves to “help” and Dan wants to be held/nursed a lot in the evenings. However, I managed pretty well last week. It is good to be meal-planning again! I had dinner on the table every night. The only last minute change was changing almond-crusted chicken to a stir-fry with coconut rice when I needed to cut my dinner prep time in half. Having the ingredients on-hand made it possible to switch things around and still have a home-cooked dinner.

In local news, we are still in a major drought in North Carolina. This will make buying local produce harder this year. We are under major water restrictions, which are scheduled to get even stricter in March. Luckily for us, we bought a newer house that is fairly eco-friendly which will make things easier. However, I cloth diaper Dan (Fuzzibunz), which may not be possible if these water restrictions continue (even with a energy-efficient washing machine). I am going to continue to pray for rain!


Resemble scallions but are larger with bigger bulbs and flat leaves. Leeks have a sweeter, more subtle flavor than onions.

Family: Allium- related to garlic, onion and scallions

Nutrients: Manganese, Vitamin C, folate, iron, Vitamin B6

Selection: Leeks should have smooth white bulbs (no yellowing or cracking) with dark green leaves. Leeks should not be overly large- purchase only those leeks with a diameter of less than 1.5 inches.

Storage: Keep leeks in the refrigerator unwashed and untrimmed in a plastic bag to retain moisture. Leeks will keep for about a week (maybe 2).

Our Gluten Free Menus

Book of Yum’s Gluten Free Menu - Sea is having enchiladas this week and will be using leeks. I have never used leeks in my enchiladas, but that is a fabulous idea! I may try that in my enchilada recipe this week.

Esther at Lilac Kitchen’s Menu- She is making a bean and vegetable soup with dumplings this week. I would love to see that recipe. I miss dumplings!

Kara at Gluten Free in the Greens’ Menu- She is making an artichoke and chickpea soup this week.

Monique at Gluten Free Pregnancy joins us this week! I love the theme of her blog. I am always pregnant (not now, seriously), nursing, or trying to conceive. haha Check out her poll. She is making a black bean chili that sounds healthy and delicious.

Karen at Gluten Free Sox has posted her menu. She is making a potato and leek soup and her black bean soup this week.

Sara at Gluten Free Dance’s menu is up. She is going to try my salmon recipe this week. She is also going to try a Chebe pizza at the end of the week.

Deborah at One Beggar’s Bread’s menu- she has a lot of breakfast and lunch ideas too! It sounds like a yummy week at her house.

My Gluten Free Menu

Monday: Chicken Cacciatore

Tuesday: Sausage and Kale soup (leeks included) with mixed green salad

Wednesday: Enchiladas

Thursday: Lasagna w/ mixed green salad

Friday: Fish Tacos

Other Gluten Free News!

If you have a favorite gluten free flour mix, Gluten Free Cooking School is having a blog event called Gluten Free Gusto! Please send her your favorite gluten free flour mixes!

The Mommy Brag is “Big Dan” again! (At the age of 2, Jude is harder to photograph!) Dan was dragged to the park today with Jude and forced to wear baby bunting. He looks completely unamused here.

danbeanie Gluten Free Menu Swap  January 14th

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