Gluten Free Menu Swap- July 7, 2008

I am completely worn out from a weekend of sun, swimming, and traveling. My little ones are slowly recovering from their out of town trip to Grandma’s, which has left them so cranky! I finally occupied them with their race track which they haven’t played with in a couple weeks. (Whoever recommended a rotation of toys was right on target!) I love watching them play together and work out their little sharing disagreements. It continually amazes me that an almost one year old and a two and a half year old can play together so well! I feel lucky to have had the boys so close together! Dan will be one next week and I am so sentimental. I can’t believe the boys are growing up so fast. Jude is calling me “Mom” instead of “Mommy.” What is up with that? I am the Gluten Free Mommy. I am not ready for this “Mom” stuff. He is only two!

The Gluten Free Menu Swap continues on this week hosted by one of my favorite new gluten free blogs, Gluten Free Goodness. Go check out all the gluten free menus for the week.

For the rest of the summer, I will be trying out some new gluten free dinner recipes. My little sister, Caroline, whom I live to please, has requested some chicken recipes. Since I am pretty sure she reads my blog more than anyone else, I have decided to try and post some!

Gluten Free Menu

Monday: Raspberry Chicken with Lemon Rice (the ingredient of the week is raspberries!)

Tuesday: Italian Style Salmon

Wednesday: Bombay Chicken

Thursday: Banana Oatmeal Waffles with Eggs and Bacon

Friday: Roasted Chicken with Raspberry Carrots

My Monday Mommy Brag:

danhair Gluten Free Menu Swap  July 7, 2008

My almost one-year-old!

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