Gluten Free Menu Swap- February 25, 2008

menu swap 036 Gluten Free Menu Swap  February 25, 2008

Bananas are a gluten-free mommy’s best friend. They are easy to prepare for babies and toddlers alike. I love that they are available year round because I always have something to throw in the diaper bag for Jude (and now Dan) to eat. Banana is the ingredient of the week for the gluten free menu swap, so be sure to check out the other menus for yummy ideas for bananas.I have been unbelievably busy and out of town every weekend this month, so alas, my menu plan is up once again at 10 pm. Cris at Conviviality has graciously agreed to host the swap next week because I am going out of town next week too! I am one tired mommy.

Monday: Meatloaf (never got around to making this last week!)

Tuesday: Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza and Mixed Green Salad

Wednesday: Roasted Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower and a Hot Grain Salad

Thursday: Quinoa Enchiladas (favorite way to eat enchiladas vegetarian style)

Friday: Homemade Fish Sticks with French Fries served with Horseradish Sauce (the sauce is from a recent Bon Appetit)


Sea at Book of Yum has the most punctual gluten free menu. tee hee. Her vegetarian international flair abounds in her delicious meal plan this week. Her banana coconut muffin made with coconut flour sounds great too.

Cris at Conviviality has her gf menu up! She is making a delish kale and white bean soup and has plans to de-gluten her banana bread recipe.

Sally at Aprovechar has her egg-free, dairy free, and gluten-free menu up. She has plans to make a Chard Feta Pasta this week for company. Her menu plan is inspiring as always! And I second the call for delicious citrus smoothies recipes…

Sara at Gluten Free Dance has her menu up. She is eating at Chili’s this week. Chili’s allergen information can be found here. Her menu ideas look delicious too, especially her Halibut meal idea.

Monique at the Gluten Free Pregnancy has a gluten free menu for morning sickness. I like to think of myself as having had the worst morning sickness in the history of womankind so Monique must be a kindred spirit. For some of us, it is almost impossible to cook certain things (red meat did not exist for me) when we are pregnant. She has some great ideas for you!

Esther at the Lilac Kitchen is back to menu planning. Her menu plan is also tailored for a gluten free pregnancy. I am not sure about the omelets though. tee hee. I could not eat an omelet for the entire 10 months I was pregnant with Dan.

Melanie at the Gluti Girls has a pre-Spring gluten free menu. Melanie is making a awesome-looking Pesto Chicken and a Fish Caesar.

Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl has a delicious, yet budget conscious gluten-free menu this week. I think she did a fantastic job with her budget. Carrie is making a Thai stir fry and spaghetti and meatballs.

Karen at Gluten Free Sox Fan has her menu up also. I was so mesmerized by her Portuguese Sweet Bread I did not see her menu! Looks good, Karen!

If I missed you, let me know in the comments or by email!

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