Menu Plan Monday- September 24th

It’s Gluten-Free Menu Plan Monday again! I have to say, I am having a lot of fun posting my menu every week. Even if it does take away some of my mystery…ha ha. So, this week I am scrubbing my house from top to bottom doing some fall cleaning. Yesterday, I put all Big Dan’s 3 month clothes away. He is 13 lbs and has gotten way too big for them. It is always so sad for me to put away the old size and bring in the new. This time it was even harder because I had to bring out all of Jude’s hand-me-downs for Dan to wear. I went through all of the clothes piece by piece remembering when Jude and Dan wore each outfit. Luckily, I had Jude humming along beside me in excitement thwarting all my organization efforts. I enjoy Jude so much! I was glad to be done with it- all my postpartum hormones were getting the best of me. When you look at all those little outfits, all those little memories- it makes you want another baby. I really want to have a little girl, but I just can’t imagine not having another little boy one day. My husband told me that was fine with him because his requirement was that all his kids have brothers and sisters. By my count, that means I am having 4 more kids minimum?! lol

bigdan0907 Menu Plan Monday  September 24th


Monday: My version of El Pollo Loco’s BRC: Bean, Rice, and Cheese Burritos. My husband is missing So. Cal (he has about 3 mos. to go before going home to LA again). I make homemade Refried Beans and Spanish Rice.

Tuesday: Pesto Penne with Kale, Bacon and Mushrooms

Wednesday: Mrs. G.F.’s Coconut Chicken Fingers with her Spicy Marmalade Sauce

Thursday: Turkey Pesto Wraps with soup or salad

Friday: Hubby’s favorite Sweet and Sour Meatloaf with homemade Garlic Mashed Potatoes

smallermenuplan Menu Plan Monday  September 24th

Other yummy gluten-free menus of the week: Katherine at GFCF Mommy posted a delightful gluten-free casein-free menu (she is making my Eggplant Zucchini Spaghetti this week), Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl has an awesome gluten-free menu planned, and Sea at Book of Yum as always posted a yummy gluten free menu (we need to all put pressure on her to post her recipe for the Sweet Potato Bake!) and Slacker Mom has started posting her menu again, yay!- Mrs. G.F.’s Weekly Menu

So, what is everyone cooking this week?

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10 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday- September 24th”

  1. Sorry I have not been by, I took the weekend off of my computer; it just has to be done sometimes!

    I like the new pic. I like changing my blog around too; it’s just about time for me to take down the blueberries; they just look like summer to me. I may have to put up a “fall” one soon.

    Your menu look great…hey, it took me a moment to notice you are making the tenders..I hope you enjoy them!

  2. I like to think of the menus as a “sneak peak” of things to come. Hopefully they will make people interested in future posts- as long as they don’t think “ew yuck” about my meal plans and then avoid my blog. hahaha. *hugs* Your roundup of menus is still a great idea, I love it.


  3. I made the sweet and sour meatloaf lastnight. It was my first time ever making meatloaf. It was easy to make and delicious!

  4. SM- I have been wanting to change my banner forever, but have never gotten around to it. I took this picture yesterday on my kitchen table. I have an enormous plate collection, so it kinda represents my obsession. :)

    Seamaiden- Everything you are making this week sounds delicious. I will be looking out for great recipes this week.

    Jean- I am so glad you liked the meatloaf. I always get lots of kisses from my husband when I make it. ;)

  5. I’m impressed at all of you that can plan ahead enough to have a menu plan. I’m so not that organized! I may have a few ideas for the week, but usually don’t figure it out until the day of. I’ve been collecting recipes that I need to organize so that I might be able to think a few days ahead. But I’m still new at the whole gluten-free thing… that’s my excuse! lol!

  6. What big blue eyes!

    I’m wondering how the pesto wraps would be with baked tofu. I may have to try it some I have copious amounts of basil that I really should do something with.

  7. Karen- My little boy gets sooo hungry at six o’clock and I have to prepared or else…;)

    Mary Frances- Great idea, I think this could be good with tofu if you combined it with some veggies maybe?

  8. Wow! Your meals sound really yummy! And your baby is soooo cute!!

  9. You are so ambitious. My husband calls me at work during the day to see what’s for dinner and I usually don’t know until I’m about ready to leave work. I love the new picture. He is so sweet.

  10. Awesome, thanks for all the great links!!!!

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