Gluten Free Menu Swap- March 10, 2008

 Gluten Free Menu Swap  March 10, 2008

I am back to menu planning again this week. Thank goodness. I suffered without my menu plan last week. When I have planned a menu, I rarely have to throw away food that has gone bad. My menu keeps me fairly organized and veggies are eaten fresh and leftovers are eaten on time. In other words, I have a fairly good idea what my pantry inventory is and when I need to use certain foods. Last week I had to throw away chicken that went bad. Ugh. I really hate wasting food, so I am glad to be back on track this week.

The ingredient of the week is the herb THYME.

Varieties: Thyme is one of the most commonly used herbs. There are over a hundred varieties, notably Garden Thyme and Lemon Thyme (great with fish).

Selection: Fresh and dried thyme are available year-round. If you are growing the herb in your garden, pick thyme just as the flowers appear.

Storage: Store thyme leaves in a plastic bag in the refrigerator OR stand sprigs of thyme in a cup of water in the refrigerator.

Fun Facts: Thyme contains thymol, which has antiseptic and antifungal properties. Oh, and Thyme repels insects.

My Gluten Free Menu

Monday: Leftover Pot Roast (it may be eaten at lunch) or Spaghetti (using Tinkyada pasta)

Tuesday: Mahi Mahi Tacos with Chipotle flavored slaw(or maybe seared mahi- I haven’t quite decided)

Wednesday: Pizza

Thursday: Pesto Penne with Mushrooms, Bacon, and Kale

Friday: Stir Fry Shrimp with Fried Noodles


Sea at Book of Yum has her gluten free menu up. She has a beautiful picture of homemade corn tortillas with her menu. Her menu features cuisines from around the globe, including an Indian dish, Cauliflower Potato Curry.

One Beggar’s Bread has her delicious-sounding menu up. She has ideas for every meal of the day, which helps me a lot. Sometimes coming up with gluten-free ideas for breakfast and dinner is the hardest.

Sally at Aprovechar’s gluten free menu is inspiring as always. I might have to put vegetarian tamales on my menu this week! Her grilled hamburgers with carmelized onions also sound like a great way to celebrate the first signs of spring.

Cris at Conviviality’s menu looks great. She is making a Jamaican fish recipe, tomato soup, homemade bread, and a potato kale soup. Her beautiful little blond baby girl looks like she is getting around pretty good these days!

Karen at Gluten Free Red Sox Fan has a yummy gluten free menu. I can’t stop thinking about roast pork after reading her menu! I will have to make roast pork next week. Karen is hoping to have step by step instructions for her chicken pot pie in the upcoming weeks.

Sara at Gluten Free Dance is sharing her menu this week. Sara is making a pork tenderloin, beef stroganoff, and some yummy sounding tacos.

Fresh Ginger also has a delightful gluten free menu. Her broccoli gratin and Hot and Sour Soup sound pretty fantastic.

Kara at Gluten Free in the Greens menu finally made it up here!

If you have a gluten-free menu to share, email me at natalie (at) glutenfreemommy (dot) com or leave a comment.

My Monday Mommy Brag:

dangrab Gluten Free Menu Swap  March 10, 2008

Dan is 8 months old this week!

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