Cindalou’s Flourless Espresso Chocolate Cake

flourlesschocolatecake Cindalou’s Flourless Espresso Chocolate Cake

One of my favorite gluten-free blogs is Cindalou’s Kitchen Blues. Cindy and Jon author this fantastic gluten-free blog that focuses on healthy gluten-free, dairy-free, and low carb recipes. I think of Cindy as a gluten-free Rose Levy Beranbaum because she approaches gluten-free cooking from a scientific angle. I love that! I admit that I completely forgot about the Adopt-A-Blogger event until umm…like today. I had planned on making her Mexi Beef with Collards and Kale (still plan on making it), but time was clearly running just a tad bit short.

Luckily, I had the ingredients to make her Flourless Espresso Chocolate Cake.

My changes to her delicious recipe:

1) I used butter instead of Earth Balance because I do not have a dairy restriction on my diet and so butter is what I had on hand.

2) I used sugar (1 and 1/2 cups) instead of stevia because that is my sweetener of choice. I thought her addition of pineapple juice with the stevia was brilliant though.

3) I used Starbuck’s coffee in my espresso cake. My favorite Starbucks coffee is the extra bold Sumatra.

4) I used chopped bittersweet chocolate because that is what I had on hand.

5) I do not have a big food processor so I melted the chocolate over a double boiler and melted my butter in the microwave. After that I just mixed all the rest of the ingredients together.

6) I used a 10 inch springform pan lined with parchment paper.

The end result was a fabulously, crazy-rich, gluten free flourless chocolate cake. My cake turned out a little fudgy because I baked it for 50 minutes (impatience on my end), but I probably should have left it in for another 5-10 minutes. I especially liked Cindalou’s addition of the cinnamon because it complimented the cake very well. Thank you Sea at Book of Yum for hosting Adopt-a-Blogger and thank you Cindy and Jon for a fabulous flourless chocolate cake recipe. Yum!!!

event1b Cindalou’s Flourless Espresso Chocolate Cake

Go visit Cindy and Jon at Cindalou’s Kitchen Blues !
I follow this blog via Cindalou’s RSS feed for a number of reasons:

1) The recipes are delicious 2) Cindy and Jon are articulate and frequently hilarious 3) I often learn something new from their recipe posts and their health-oriented posts 4) And Cindy and Jon are local!

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