Menu Plan Monday- September 17th

I am a little behind today, but I just finished my menu and shopping for the week. I went out of town for the weekend, so I will be playing catch-up all day. We went to my mother’s house and my little boys had a ball. I don’t think Jude has ever been that dirty! We spent a lot of time playing with my 2 year old sister who is a complete doll. We are so far apart in age that family relationships still confuse her. My husband was playing with her and Jude this weekend and she kept calling him, “baby daddy” or “Ju’daddy.” It was pretty hilarious. I suppose his name is just a hard name for her to say. Of course, I spent the rest of the weekend calling my husband “my babydaddy.”

mpm5bmp Menu Plan Monday  September 17th

Monday: Simple Shrimp Paella

Tuesday: Braised Chicken w/ Assorted Peppers

Wednesday: Vegetable Beef Soup

Thursday: Penne w/leftover vegetables

Friday: Chicken and Rice

Misc: I am going to make a spiced shortcake with baked pears, banana bread, casserole breads, marinated carrots, and a lemon almond pudding maybe. Still working on toddler snacks and breakfasts- Jude has gotten awfully picky (like his mama) these days!

judelean0807 Menu Plan Monday  September 17th

Jude…as of this week, he is completely gluten-free like his mama.

Other gluten free menus of the week: Book of Yum and GFCF Mommy’s Autumn Menu Ideas

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19 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday- September 17th”

  1. What a cutie!

  2. M- Awww…thanks!

  3. What a sweet idea, to link all our GF menu plans together. Thank you for thinking of me! :D Mmm, paella. :)


  4. He is getting sooo big! He looks like a toddler now….and so cute still!

  5. Hey there! This is fast becoming one of my new favorite sites! :) I just found it over the weekend and I find myself on here quite a bit. I love that you post your menu schedule!

    Thank you!

  6. Such a handsome boy! :)

  7. Seamaiden- I always visit your blog on Mon. to see your menu of the week, so it made sense! Oh, I wasn’t able to hold out for the paella and made it tonight.

    Kristyn- It won’t be long until your little one is here! And I am sure he will be blond too!

    Allie- Thanks, you made my day! I always have this big menu-planning session to prepare for the week, so it made sense to post it. I

    Karina- A mama likes to brag about her boys! Thanks for visiting- I was so excited about the Newsweek article that mentioned your blog. :)

  8. Jude is so cute in this picture!

    i want to go home the same weekend as you one of these times! It is starting to get too cold for the pool and i wanted to see all the babies swimming!

    i am on vacation this week…so i might have to make a few things and see how they turn out…maybe i’ll make the blog again =)

  9. I change my days around all the time, too. ;) I always have to go back and revise my menu, heh heh. It’s really useful to make a menu so I can make sure to have ingredients for the food I want to make! And I forgot to mention it, but what CUTIES you have! A cute little gluten-free boy, awww…. ;)


  10. Beautiful boy.

    Wow, a two year old sister, very cool. That is like my Mom’s family. Her closest sibling was 13 years older, and she had nieces and nephews that were older than her. It made for fun family time. I could never figure out how some of my older cousins were related, since I called them all “Auntie.”

  11. I have a question for u Natalie and i dont know where to post it lol!

    I have a guy friend who wants me to print off some recipes and we will cook them together. He is terrified gf will ruin the meal! But he is so sweet to want to do this. I try to tell him that is a misnomer (sp?) that it will taste bad. Totally not true!

    What would you recommend for us to cook together?
    Thank u!
    -Allie :)

  12. Love your menu . I have celiac and am always looking for great GF meals. I cook all GF for me and add non-GF for my family, although this week is all GF. Thanks for sharing, have a great week.

  13. OH! he is CUTE!!! =)

  14. Natalie,

    Thank you for thinking of me too! I tend to do my menus on Thursdays, since Friday is my shopping day, but I love the menu linking concept!

    Jude is adorable! In fact, all your children are adorable!


  15. Seamaiden- thanks! It makes me way more organized to have a menu. I love getting ideas from other people’s menus too.

    SM- That is how it is for my little ones. It makes for more fun though :)

    Allie- Try something naturally gluten free for starters. Like Chicken and Rice Maybe

    Kathryn- That sounds kinda like my family, but I just started everyone gluten free because it bothered me to clean up gluten. My skin would get irritated from picking up all those toddler crumbs!

    Katherine- I used to look for gluten free menus and could never find any, so I am glad that there are more menu ideas out there! Thanks for the compliment. Your site is sooo cute. I love your son’s artwork on the sidebar. :)

  16. Thank you Natalie! I’m printing it off now!

  17. Wow, he looks so grown up! and so cute!

  18. Jude is super cute. He looks like he is striking a pose! My daughter saw him and said “Who dat boy, Mama? He two too?” I thought that was so cute. I then went on to tell her your son’s name and that he is gluten-free too. Her eyes lit up. After that she said “Jude gluten-free?” She is starting to recognize that gluten-free is not bad. She isn’t afraid of it anymore but knows it is off limits. We haven’t met any kids yet who are gluten-free and that can sometimes be hard for her.Thanks for posting the menu. It is nice to go somewhere and get some yummy ideas.

  19. Lauren- Awww…That is so cute! Your daughter sounds really smart. I am glad she knows- Jude really doesn’t know the difference. He knows good food and bad food, but that is about it. :)

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