Menu Plan Monday- September 17th

I am a little behind today, but I just finished my menu and shopping for the week. I went out of town for the weekend, so I will be playing catch-up all day. We went to my mother’s house and my little boys had a ball. I don’t think Jude has ever been that dirty! We spent a lot of time playing with my 2 year old sister who is a complete doll. We are so far apart in age that family relationships still confuse her. My husband was playing with her and Jude this weekend and she kept calling him, “baby daddy” or “Ju’daddy.” It was pretty hilarious. I suppose his name is just a hard name for her to say. Of course, I spent the rest of the weekend calling my husband “my babydaddy.”

mpm5bmp Menu Plan Monday  September 17th

Monday: Simple Shrimp Paella

Tuesday: Braised Chicken w/ Assorted Peppers

Wednesday: Vegetable Beef Soup

Thursday: Penne w/leftover vegetables

Friday: Chicken and Rice

Misc: I am going to make a spiced shortcake with baked pears, banana bread, casserole breads, marinated carrots, and a lemon almond pudding maybe. Still working on toddler snacks and breakfasts- Jude has gotten awfully picky (like his mama) these days!

judelean0807 Menu Plan Monday  September 17th

Jude…as of this week, he is completely gluten-free like his mama.

Other gluten free menus of the week: Book of Yum and GFCF Mommy’s Autumn Menu Ideas

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