Menu Plan Monday- September 10th

newpicture Menu Plan Monday  September 10th

Here is my menu for the week.

Monday: Pizza w/Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakehouse crust

Tuesday: Chicken Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Wednesday: Spinach Mushroom Enchiladas w/ Quinoa

Thursday: Pumpkin Pancakes w/ Gluten Free Sausage (Breakfast for Dinner!)

Friday: Thai Chicken Wraps

Saturday: Leftovers

I am going to experiment with some gluten free toddler crackers and teething biscuits. Jude has been getting very picky at breakfast (grrr) and I am going to try and come up with something nutritious and toddler delicious for breakfast. We need to mix things up a bit. He is getting sick of bananas (God’s gift to parents) and more and more fruit is going out of season. I will post some of these recipes just as soon as Jude approves them.

dansling0807 Menu Plan Monday  September 10th

This is a picture of Dan purring in his sling. He is growing way too fast!

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