Gluten Free Menu Swap- February 11th

menu swap 032 Gluten Free Menu Swap  February 11th

My menu made it up today! My children have kept me non-stop busy. They have finally fallen asleep, so I can post my menu in [long-awaited] peace. Jude and Dan are still getting over that cold, so there is no rest for the weary around here. Lucky for me, Ginger Lemon Girl, is hosting the menu swap this week. You can find several other (more timely) menus by visiting her blog here.

The ingredient of the week is Chocolate. I am sure no one will have trouble consuming chocolate this week! I am going to try and make truffles for my Valentine this week, so if they turn out you I will make sure to post the recipe. I am attempting truffles because boxed candy normally has a lot of preservatives, weird ingredients, and possible cross-contamination. If I can make chocolates with a little bit of cream and butter, I am willing to take the challenge. Let the record show that I reserve the right to buy chocolate if this project fails.

Gluten Free in SD contacted See’s Candies and has some great information on their site about the gluten-free status of See’s candy. There are some candies that are not gluten-free, so make sure to check it out. I used this website a lot when I was newly gluten free (living on the West Coast then) and would have to send my husband out for a spur of the moment pregnancy craving. tee hee.

On their website, Russell Stover candies states that Russell Stover’s chocolates are gluten-free too. Make sure to double check ingredients as always.

Here is my gluten free menu:

Monday: Beef Sauce with Tinkyada Spaghetti

Tuesday: Braised Chicken with Peppers

Wednesday: Stir Fry with Coconut Rice with Chicken and Veggies

Thursday: Potato Soup and Salad

Friday: Possibly a Baked Italian flavored fish – not sure yet!

My Valentine:

dandaddy1 Gluten Free Menu Swap  February 11th

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10 Responses to “Gluten Free Menu Swap- February 11th”

  1. When enjoying chocolate beware of Lindt brand. Most of their products contain Barley Malt which contains gluten. I got this info from their customer service rep:
    “Thank you for your inquiry regarding Lindt Chocolate. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot guarantee that Lindt Chocolate is gluten free. Our white chocolate products, 70% bar, 85% bar, and 99% bars by nature do not contain Barley Malt. However, because they run on the same lines as other products there is a chance of cross contamination. We hope in the future to be able to produce items that can fill this need.
    If you have additional questions, please contact Lindt Corporate Office at 603-778-3498 or e-mail

    So enjoy some other brand. I like Godiva :)

  2. I like Godiva too. yum.

    I want to see a picture of you and your hubby together for your Valentine’s Day post.

    I am so excited about the truffles! I might try doing chocolate covered strawberries with fun designs.
    I made your macaroni and cheese last night with fabulous pork chops and snow peas. so good. so so good.
    Tonight I am making your apple crisp for dessert, with the cream cheese layer of course! I have made this lots, it is one of my favorites and easy. thanks

  3. natalie ~ Menu looks great, and what a great ingredient for this week!! I have a hard time trusting chocolates myself so I never really researched it, and I never heard that about Russell Stovers…good to know! Now if I have a craving… and don’t want to cook.. :)

  4. Love your site! Thank you for sharing your recipes. I rely on it & recommend it to others.

    After receiving some chocolates from my relatives, I emailed See’s just after Christmas 2007 & received the same info that “gluten free in sd” received…the first paragraph. Additionally, their rep emphasized that some of See’s products are made for them or have a candy decoration on them. Those cannot be guaranteed gluten-free, but
    per Ian Dickie on 12/29/07,

    “none of (See’s) Custom Mix pieces contain gluten as a direct ingredient and cross contact is no longer a possibility. This would include our Peanut Brittle, Krispys, and our recently introduced Sugar Free products.

    You may have noticed that we do have some products which are manufactured for us. Some of these items that do not contain gluten are our Milk Chocolate Drops, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Foil Novelties, Super Chips, Sugar Sticks and Sour Chews. As we’ve noted, most of our products are gluten free.

    However, we do have a few items which our Quality Assurance Department does not consider to be gluten free because of their decorations or they are produced in a facility that processes gluten. These are the Climber Canes (decoration), decorated 0.8 oz. Easter Eggs (decoration), decorated Chocolate Butters (decoration), all candy canes, and the 3 oz. Bordeaux, Chocolate Walnut, and Dark Raspberry Hearts (decorations). Also, we wish to advise that the distilled apple cider vinegar used in our Butterscotch Lollypops and Little Pops is grain based.”

    Easter is coming–don’t eat those See’s Easter eggs! But lots of their other chocolates are gf.

    By the way, I live in SD county–thanks to you, I am now aware of the ‘Gluten Free in SD” website!

  5. Kathryn- Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate that info on Lindt and Godiva! I am sure a lot of people will benefit from the comment too! :)

    Caroline- I am going to try and save you one!

    SM- I agree- it is hard to trust chocolates. I am glad that companies are trying to do better about letting people know what is in their products though!

    Amy J- Thanks for adding that info! I edited the post to add that some of the products aren’t gluten free in case it wasn’t clear. You rock! I won’t buy those Easter Eggs! :)

  6. I laughed when I saw this picture tonight. Just a couple of days ago I realized that I hadn’t seen any pictures of your husband on the blog. That’s a great picture of him with Dan.

  7. Mary Frances- He is oh so secretive. I barely convinced him to use that one because he is not looking up. He won’t let me use his name on the blog because he thinks its hilarious. So don’t tell. Shhhh….

  8. Busy week so I am behind on my blog reading, but your whole week sounded great! I love coconut rice. My BF won’t let me put pics of him on the blog either!
    Some how we all need to organize a cooking swap, I cook for you for a week and you cook for me for a week. Perhaps we should get everyone together in a sunny local that has a farmer’s market year round and all get together for a long weekend of cooking, then we can all meet! Or a week in Mexico cooking and renting a house out on the beach. Wouldn’t that be great? Everyone just cooks one meal for the gang. Guess I am vacay minded and we leave for Seattle and Portland in one week! Looks to be a GF mecca and I will bring the lap top so I can blog along the way. We are working on this week’s menu right now, any clue to the “secret ingredient” as my BF calls it?

  9. GInger- That would be way fun. I need a vacation too. I would love one where I don’t have to do all the work! It is Butternut Squash this week!

  10. Sorry to hear about the kids, it is tough having a sick child and tougher when there is more than one! Great idea having chocolate as a featured ingredient. I recently made a delicious beef stew that had cocoa in the recipe and it was delicious! It added a depth to the flavor, but no one could tell what the secret ingredient was!

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