Gluten Free Menu Swap- November 12

I ended up going out of town for most of last week. My little babes are completely worn out from being at their Grandmother’s house. My mother owns a golf cart (yellow paint complete with flames) that has yet to grace a golf course I am sure; however it provides lots of entertainment for all. Jude LOVES this golf cart. He begs to ride through the woods in this thing at all hours in all temperatures. Jude still owes his Uncle Ben for pushing the golf cart home after they burned through the battery and got stuck in the middle of the woods. Good times.

Tomorrow is our third anniversary. The rumor is that hubs and I may go on a hot date. We are not going out to eat (it is better for me to eat at home), but we are going to try and do something festive like go dancing maybe. I am excited about the prospect of a night out alone with my husband. That hasn’t happened since before Big Dan was born.

On to the Menu Swap! It is Monday!! Our not-so-secret ingredient of the week is Garlic. Karen at Gluten Free Sox is hosting this week.

menu swap 014 Gluten Free Menu Swap  November 12

Just a Few Facts about Garlic

Varieties: Part of the allium genus, which has over 400 species. Most commonly eaten species is allium sativum. (Source: Garlic Central)

Selection: Choose firm garlic with no signs of decay. If you notice dark powdery patches under the skin this may be a sign of mold which will (obviously) affect the taste of the garlic and cause it to go bad.

Storage: To keep garlic from sprouting, keep it warm and dry. Do not keep unpeeled garlic in the refrigerator or freezer. However, peeled garlic cloves can be kept in the refrigerator in an air-tight container.

Grown: 99% of Garlic grown in U.S. is grown in California. (Source: California Grown- if not, I feel ok spreading pro-California propaganda)

My Gluten Free Menu

Monday: Cantonese Chicken with Vegetables (looks easy, so I am trying it out)

Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan with mixed green salad

Wednesday: Junk food night (nachos, wings, etc)

Thursday: Savannah Red Rice (shrimp thrown in)

Friday: Pork Chops, Sweet Potatoes, and Greens

My Monday Mommy Brag:

dan4months Gluten Free Menu Swap  November 12

Dan is four months old this week!

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