Carrot Cake

Last week when I posted Gluten Free Grains 101, many of you asked for the recipe of the cake shown in that post. Well, this isnt it! Haha. This is a recipe for carrot cake, which several of you requested when seeing that cake. Since I haven’t been able to stop thinking about carrot cake [...]

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

It has been quiet around here because my internet was out for five days! Time Warner was sweet about it and even put a credit on my account, but it took FIVE days for them to come out and fix the problem. grrrr. In happier news, my husband’s birthday was yesterday and I made a [...]

A Shortcake Dressed Up for Fall

I made the most delicious ginger shortcake today with whipped cream and pears. It tasted so much like fall. This is now one of my favorite gluten-free desserts. It is simple but not ordinary! I enjoyed every single bite of this cake. My husband’s favorite cake is a spice cake so he also loved this [...]

“Lighter than Air” Chocolate Cake

My sister brought this naturally gluten-free cake (no flour) over yesterday to cheer me up. She joked that she brought me a “lighter than air” chocolate cake in hopes that I would feel lighter than air instead of nine months pregnant. HILARIOUS. It is an awesome recipe and it did make me feel better! I [...]

No Frills Chocolate Cake

I have been prescribed a little indulgence in these later stages of pregnancy, so I have been making my favorite baked goods and cheese-filled Italian dishes. I will have to balance out my blog entries with healthy entrées once the baby is born. It has been ages since my last piece of chocolate cake, so [...]