Vegetable Pesto Penne

Today is a beautiful spring day in North Carolina. My little boy spent most of the day begging to go outside. I have been spring cleaning all day in preparation for the new baby. Jude thought this was a terrible idea and did his best to thwart my cleaning efforts. I made an extremely easy early supper today because I have a movie date with my husband tonight. This is noteworthy because it hasn’t happened since our first child was born 15 months ago. Our plan is to fill up on gluten-free candy and popcorn at the movies like when we were dating.

The following quick dinner idea was inspired by a recipe I saw in Colorado Collage  Vegetable Pesto Penne. I simplified the already simple recipe! I used a gluten free sun-dried tomato pesto instead of the basil pesto and omitted the rest of the ingredients. I just liked the idea of the combination of the fresh green beans, potatoes, and pasta. My husband told me that he likes Tinkyada pasta better than regular pasta (what a sweetheart) because it does not sit as heavy in his stomach. I like it better now too, but I thought my memory might be playing tricks on me. Brown rice anything is delicious!

vegetable pesto penne Vegetable Pesto Penne


12 oz. Tinkyada brown rice penne

1 jar of gf sun-dried tomato pesto or use homemade (it only requires a couple tablespoons)

1 cup of fresh green beans (I just grabbed a handful or two at the grocery store)

2 or 3 new potatoes, medium sized, diced

Directions: Prepare the green beans and potatoes. Boil together for about 12 minutes or until tender. Cook the pasta according to the package directions. Toss the green beans, potatoes, and pesto together in a large pot or dish. Serve with parmesan and red pepper flakes if desired.

So easy! So delicious!

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