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I was so tired from all the holiday cooking that my family went out to dinner tonight. We chose a safe favorite, Pei Wei Restaurant. They have a gluten-free menu and the location we go to is never busy. A real plus in gluten-free dining! I always get the Sweet and Sour Steamed Shrimp with brown rice. I have also tried the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls at the location in Scottsdale, AZ. The Sweet and Sour dish is consistently well-done, but I do not have a taste for the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls. I think they could be improved- however, they do taste like chicken salad! I have been to three locations of this chain and have had consistent good service. I have only had to send back my food once in all the times I have been there. Going out is always risky, but I feel better that most of their staff is familiar with the term, “gluten-free.” The food is reasonably priced; two people (and one hungry toddler) can eat for under $20.

peiwei sweet and sour shrimp Pei Wei Restaurant

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