Mahi Mahi with Coconut Rice

mahi mahi3 Mahi Mahi with Coconut Rice

My little sister, Madelyn, is a pescetarian, so I am always looking for another easy way to make fish. I hope she will give this one a try! I made this recipe last night for my family, and my husband really liked it. I think this recipe would be a good one to serve company because it looks impressive and it is unbelievably easy. I am sure there are a number of ways you could vary this dinner to dress it up and make it your own. And a note about the coconut rice- My husband, a confirmed hater of coconut, LOVES coconut rice and right now this is his favorite way to eat rice. Who would have thought? This recipe- as is- has few ingredients and is therefore perfect for a quick and fabulous weeknight meal. Perfect for impressing the husband apparently.


1 1lb. of mahi mahi fillets

2 Tablespoons of Wheat-Free Tamari Sauce

1/2 T of grated fresh ginger

juice of one lime

sea salt



In a shallow baking dish, mix together the lime juice, tamari sauce, and grated ginger. Place the fish in the baking dish and coat both sides with desired amount of sea salt and pepper. Spoon marinade over fish. Marinate in the fridge for about 30 minutes. In the meantime, get your rice cooker going with the coconut rice (see directions below).

Increase the heat to about med-high. Heat your olive oil until almost smoking, place the mahi mahi in the skillet and cook until both sides are browned, about 10-12 minutes. I spooned a little extra marinade on my fish before browning the other side, but it is optional. When mahi mahi is just cooked through, remove from the skillet.

Serve with a lime wedge, coconut rice, and vegetable of choice.


2 cups jasmine rice

1 can unsweetened coconut milk

1 cup water

1/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

salt to taste

just a squeeze of lime juice


Mix the ingredients for the coconut rice together in your rice cooker and cook according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Eyeball the liquid level and make sure it seems right to you. If it comes out moist, remove the lid and place a dishtowel over the rice cooker and it will fluff up your rice. I had perfect rice with the above measurements. This recipe make a ton of rice because I like eating leftovers the next day for breakfast or lunch. Simply cut the recipe in half if you don’t need that much rice.

Note: It is possible that some rice cookers don’t perform as well as others (i.e. might burn the bottom of the rice), so if this doesn’t work try making coconut rice on the stove. Mine is a medium of the road rice cooker and it worked fine.

If you don’t have a rice cooker, go buy one! I use mine about 3 times a week. A Rice cooker is also great to have when you are traveling gluten-free.

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26 Responses to “Mahi Mahi with Coconut Rice”

  1. Definitely trying this!! I use my rice cooker all the time too! I’ve used it the last three nights! Yesterday to make quinoa, today to steam cauliflower, and I’ll be using it tomorrow to cook millet! I’ll definitely be trying it for the coconut rice! My hubbie doesn’t like coconut either! I hope this will change his mind! I love your sister’s name!

  2. Totally going to try this sister! I’m sure it will not be as amazing as yours, but i’ll try it on Sunday.
    Much Love

  3. This is a silly question but was the rice cooker harder to clean after using coconut milk than with just rice and water? So far, I’ve stayed away from using anything but washed brown rice and purified water to keep it clean, but my fiancé just loves everything with coconut and has gotten me hooked too. If it’s not much harder to clean, I think I’ll try this with brown rice (adjusting liquids accordingly).

    I’d bet the leftover rice would make good fried rice, too. Especially with something sweet thrown it, like mango or pineapple. Or as a starch alongside a curry. :P

    Thanks, Natalie!

  4. Carrie- You won’t be disappointed! And her name is beautiful.

    Madelyn- Anyone can do this recipe. If you don’t get to it, I will show you how the next time I am at the house.

    M- I did not find a difference at all in cleaning my rice cooker. My rice cooker is nonstick and I just wash it by hand. My mom owns a different rice cooker and it worked great with hers too. Hopefully it will work in yours too :) And I am still thinking about the baking questions you posed… I was thinking maybe try measuring the eggs for the pumpkin cake in liquid measure instead and half accordingly? I also read recently that when converting recipes gluten free to use 7/8 rice flour for wheat flour. I typically adjust the flour if I am converting a traditional wheat-flour recipe, but I never came up with that number. Food for thought. I hope you enjoy the coconut rice. Everyone I have made it for really enjoys it.

  5. Natalie – this looks great! My husband isn’t much of a rice eater, but loves coconut, so maybe he’ll like this too. I don’t have a rice cooker, but I’m sure I can figure it out for cooking on the stove.

  6. This looks so good – and easy! Has anyone tried the Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker? It is WONDERFUL – so much easier to clean than the electric one I used for years prior. They’re around $20 and make white rice in 20 minutes. Brown takes longer, of course. Unlike my countertop after using the electric rice cooker, the microwave is spotless after use. Dishwasher safe. No, I’m not a PChef rep – just really like this product!

  7. Karen- I am sure he will like this because the rice is packed with flavor!

    Kim- I love PC too. I will have to check that out because it sounds like a great gift.

  8. My dear Natalie,
    I have been meaning to ask if you have done any research lately on rice cookers? You know i bought your brother a mini one for Christmas as he is trying to eat healthy — or not at all! He is a starving college student and the rice cooker has been a saving grace for him especially since it has a steamer insert for his vegetable mainstay pre-washed pre-cut broccoli. ***Tip: For all you mom’s sending gluten free or picky eaters off to school this is a very cool necessity! But i digress, my burning request is forthcoming! I have been busying myself justifying the purchase of a new/nicer rice cooker for me. You see, mine, a Zojirushi (please give me a brand i can spell!), is doing the job just fine. But I use it so much, i am thinking of getting one with more features; one that has a stainless finish to match my appliances. I mean we all know matching gadgetry means never having to say you’re sorry it’s on the counter 24/7. Seriously, tell me if i am wrong, but i use that rice cooker more than my toaster and i am not even gluten-free! So Natalie and dear readers if you have a recommendation submit please!

  9. PS
    Happy Birthday Grandbaby Jude!
    I remember the day you were born! It was the summation of proud for you, your mom and me… Out there in that unfamiliar Arizona setting I became saturated with emotion… Suddenly realizing, that i, alone, represented your mother’s family… Still, i cherish that bittersweet moment when i heard you cry for the first time — however lonely i felt for that someone, the only someone who could have treasured your significance with me, your grandfather, Rennie…
    But to this day, my dear boy, that somehow makes you a bigger responsibility and on patrol of a larger piece of my heart!!
    Long breath and Ahh well,
    Now back to the rest of the day of your birth? As only real life would have it, I could not lounge in the past, become officially enlightened, or dwell at your side like I wished! Are you kidding? I had to speed back to your parents little home to prepare meals for your newly gluten free mom…. my first treasure!~
    Love, your Grandmarmie

  10. This sounds simply fabulous. I love coconut in all types of recipes, although not as a traditional coconut cake with white frosting and covered in coconut.

    Lovely pictures too!

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

  11. That sounds really delicious. Coconut rice is so tasty combined with fish. I love fried plantains as a dessert after a meal like that, too. :)

  12. yum – love coconut rice and fish

  13. Natalie, do you have any suggestions on cutting the fat in the coconut rice? I made it tonight and was floored that the can of coconut milk had 70 grams of fat! Do you know of a lighter fat brand? After seeing the label and fat content, i simply lost my appetite and couldn’t eat it. Boo! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!!!


  14. Karen-
    Sorry you wasted your rice! Have you tried Taste of Thai’s lite gluten-free coconut milk ?

  15. Ooo, that sounds like just what I could use- thanks! Unfortunately with my celiac, I gain weight super easy and need to be very careful. I’ll try it with the lite coconut milk and see how it turns out. Thanks again!

  16. I love fish and coconut rice! Again, you are reading my mind and tummy :) I use leftover coconut rice in gfcf rice pudding (w/ almond or lite coconut milk) and in a coconut custard I made yesterday. I need to post those so we can hook up and start a coconut rice (and fish) pipeline of recipes. I’m hungry just thinking about it! Your pictures are artistic (I know, again!) Do you take them & edit them yourself ? That sounds like a strange question, but I take pictures differently than Jon and I focus more on the artistic perspective and angles, like you do. Neat, and great presentation

  17. Mom- Thanks for the kind words. I am trying to find that rice cooker I had in mind for you, but it is escaping me right now.

    Sally- Fried Plantains are a great idea! I have never tried them.

    Steamy Kitchen- Gee thanks! BTW, Your blog is absolutely amazing! I am a new reader and it just rocks.

    That sounds like a great idea! I take all the pictures on the blog. They have all needed some photoshop work lately because it gets dark so early in the winter. I have a couple lights for taking pics without flash at night, but I would like to get a few more lights that are softer so I don’t have to edit the pics at all. As for the angles, I try and take A LOT of pics from different angles so I have variety on the blog. I am just learning, but it is fun to have a new hobby. I read on your blog that you are from NC. I am in N. Raleigh.

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  20. Sounds delish!

  21. Yum! We eat loads of Mahi Mahi at our house, so it is nice to find a new recipe for it!

  22. Oh! This sounds deeeeelish!!!

    I’d love to give this a try. I’ve got a niece who has gluten allergies, so this will be great. As for the rice…She can’t have it because of the coconut (nut allergies and to my surprise, even coconut is not allowed). I think I’ll make the rice and mahi mahi for Hubby and me though! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! I’ll be sure to pop by your blog again soon :)

  23. YUM-O….that rice sounds sooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!! =)

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  26. Making this tonight. Please start posting again! I miss you gluten free mommy.

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