Chicken Salad Sandwich

It has been a long day and I am so tired. I just finished dinner. My feet are up and I am trying to rest. My husband is upstairs putting our toddler to bed, so I am officially done for the day. My laptop is resting on what is left of my lap. Since I [...]

Chicken Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Many people make this casserole at holidays or when someone has a baby. This recipe freezes beautifully. You will seldom find this recipe without condensed soups, but it is very simple to make gluten-free. All you need is a little rice flour to make a roux and you are set! CHICKEN BROCCOLI CHEESE CASSEROLE 1 [...]

Brownie Companions: Orange Almond Brownies

Afraid of failure and completely unable to decide which brownie recipe I wanted- I made two batches! Both turned out great (funny how that works), so I am posting both recipes. You decide which brownie you are in the mood for or make both! Brownie Companions   ORANGE ALMOND BROWNIES 3/4 cup almonds, ground coarsely [...]

Brownie Companions: Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

My chocolate cake was gone, and the urge to bake hit me again. This time I decided to make tons of brownies so that I could freeze some for after the new baby comes. I adapted the first brownie recipe from my Colorado Collage cookbook. The ingredient that makes these brownies so special is the [...]

Sour Cream M&M Cookies

My granddaddy used to work for M&M Mars, so M&M cookies were a big tradition at our house growing up. It is one of those traditions that I want to continue with my own family. My family’s recipe is amazing, but I wanted one that had less butter and would translate better as a gluten-free [...]