Cajun Quiche with Rice Crust

cajun quiche Cajun Quiche with Rice Crust

I finally bought Cooking Light’s Easy Summer Meals that I have been eyeing in the grocery store check out line for weeks now. I needed something to read in bed because my toddler and I got sick this week. And I thought things were going to be so easy! Jude refuses to rest, so things have gotten crankier and crankier (and dare I say, naughtier and naughtier) around here. I suppose I could say the same thing about myself. Anyway, I finally got a chance to thumb through Easy Summer Meals during the second rendition of A Bug’s Life today. It is packed with easy recipes and many of them are naturally gluten-free. Two of the recipes especially held my interest- Polenta Lasagna and Cajun Quiche with Rice Crust. I loved that these recipes were gluten-free adaptations of old classic recipes! I made the Quiche tonight and it was very good. I made the recipe with 5 eggs instead of the egg substitute and egg whites because of my toddler. Of course, he ended up eating everyone’s share of sausage instead but a mother can try. Depending on the quiche recipe, I will make a hash brown crust, a rice crust, or go crustless. I prefer any of the above options to traditional pie crust. The rice or potato crust is especially good at dinner because it is very filling. I first learned to make a rice crust from This Mama Cooks!

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