[Dad's favorite] School Days Peanut Butter Cookies

I have been cooking all week, but this has definitely not been reflected on this blog. There have been some failures and some good recipes made, but nothing particularly blogworthy. It is not that a recipe has to be perfect or even complex, but it has to be fabulous- otherwise you could just take your [...]

Black Bottom Cupcakes

My friends threw me a baby shower this weekend. All the food was gluten-free! They made recipes that would not be cross-contaminated in their kitchens, like marinated cheeses, dips, and they also served fruit. We really had a good time and I was so touched by everyone’s sensitivity and generosity. It is hard enough to [...]

Brownie Companions: Orange Almond Brownies

Afraid of failure and completely unable to decide which brownie recipe I wanted- I made two batches! Both turned out great (funny how that works), so I am posting both recipes. You decide which brownie you are in the mood for or make both! Brownie Companions   ORANGE ALMOND BROWNIES 3/4 cup almonds, ground coarsely [...]

Brownie Companions: Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

My chocolate cake was gone, and the urge to bake hit me again. This time I decided to make tons of brownies so that I could freeze some for after the new baby comes. I adapted the first brownie recipe from my Colorado Collage cookbook. The ingredient that makes these brownies so special is the [...]

No Frills Chocolate Cake

I have been prescribed a little indulgence in these later stages of pregnancy, so I have been making my favorite baked goods and cheese-filled Italian dishes. I will have to balance out my blog entries with healthy entrées once the baby is born. It has been ages since my last piece of chocolate cake, so [...]