Day: March 17, 2020

Spicy Dish RecipeSpicy Dish Recipe

Spicy Wings

GlutenFreeMommy – Almost the country now making a spicy dish to make people love eat too much. You not only can buy the spicy dish but also can make a spicy dish recipe by yourself at home. So, do you interest to try the recipe at your home?

Spicy dish making us feeling hungry when see the menu at the restaurant. But, as we know that spicy dish at the restaurant ussualy give an expensive price, so we must thik twice to buy the dish.

Because this situation we suggest you to make a spicy menu at your home by yourself. Don’t worry, we will give you the best recipe bellow. Prepare the ingredient right now.

Best Spicy Dish Recipe At Home

Maybe spicy dish  is scare by each people, but who love this taste is too much so you can make sicy dish at your home. If you feel your food is good enough you can sell the dish or just serve to your guest at home. This is the recipe

  1. Roasted Chicken
    Roasted Chicken

Its not just roasted chicken but this is roasted chicken fire. To make this dish be a spicy dish you can put a 30 chili and also put pepper into the sauce. Wow it becoming spicy dish ever.

  1. Lava Meatball
    Lava Meatball

Do you ever watch afood vlogger at youtube channel?. If you see them eat lava meatball you can cook this dish at you home.

  • Make a meatball and fill a meatball with chilli
  • The sauce you can put additional chili, pepper and also chili sauce to make spicy dish is complete
  1. Spicy Wings
    Spicy Wings

If a long time a go fast food restaurant just serve us a food with less ingredient and not  a spicy one now almost a fast food restaurant serve us a spicy dish. One of them is spicy wings or fire chicken. The spicy taste is from the sauce, they put spicy sauce with chilli sauce, and less pepper to the wings or chicken, it simple recipe one.

  1. Samyang Noodle
    Samyang Noodle

This noodle is from korea. Almost people hunt this noodle because of spicy taste that cant find in the same dish ever. You can make this Samyang noodle by your own recipe, just make a ingredient like chili, sauce and also pepper you can mix this with noodle, so its becoming a spicy noodle like Samyang.

  1. Squid Sauce
    Squid Sauce

One of the famous dish now is squid sauce. As you know that squid sauce is selling with small place and an expensive price. If you  want to make a squid sauce you can cook with ingredient spicy food and cook with your own style. Use a lot of chilli will make  the taste is more spicy.

Maybe this is the recipe that you can cook by yourself at home, just make a simple dish as you can and then serve to your family. Cook with your heart because what we cook give an influence to who eat our dish. So, cook as best as you can and then serve it with better set.