Steak Salad

Yesterday, I went out shopping all day long and left my husband home to fend for himself. He works at home and has gotten used to me calling him down for lunch everyday. When I got home at a little past eight last night, he hadn’t eaten anything since I left. Nice. I gave him [...]

Chicken and Rice Wraps with Ginger Sauce

As I was sitting at breakfast on Saturday in my yoga pants and over-sized t-shirt, I turned to my husband and said, “I have done a terrible job getting dressed with this pregnancy.” Without skipping a beat he chimed back, “At least the food is better this time, honey.” I laughed. I am a sucker [...]

Migas Tacos

Migas is a Tex-Mex dish of eggs, corn tortillas, and various other interchangeable ingredients. The word itself means, “crumbs,” in Spanish. Migas is wonderful enfolded in a corn tortilla with refried beans to make a Migas Taco. There are so many ways to make this dish. I always go with what I have on hand [...]

Turkey Pesto Wraps

This is a simple recipe I used to make in college. I still make it for a quick dinner, but it would also be a great gluten-free lunch. I think the flavors go well with a brown rice tortilla. I am including this simple recipe because when I first went gluten-free it was so hard [...]

Enchilada Casserole

Casseroles typically have to be modified in gluten-free cooking, but not this one. I am sure every gluten-free cook has an enchilada casserole recipe. This is the one I use. I like this recipe because it does not rely on store-bought sauce. I got this recipe from an excellent cookbook, Pomegranates & Prickly Pears: Flavorful [...]