A Tribute to Bette Hagman

My first few months gluten-free were pretty typical. A few months after I went gluten-free, I got pregnant for the first time. A new diet and a new pregnancy were not a good mix for me. I was starving! I had not figured out the gluten-free thing yet at all. My husband and I bought the Bette Hagman cookbooks, but were too scared to embark on the adventure of gluten-free cooking yet. My mom, sensing my despair, came and stayed with me for a few weeks. She began to cook with the “exotic” flours and slowly I began to feel good again. Eating those comforting foods eased my morning sickness-thank goodness. One of our favorite recipes, Swedish Apple Torte, was from Bette Hagman’s More From the Gluten Free Gourmet.

Sea, over at Book of Yum, organized this tribute to Bette Hagman.

erinstagforbette A Tribute to Bette Hagman

I would like to thank Bette Hagman for giving me the confidence to learn to cook gluten-free.

hagman apple torte A Tribute to Bette Hagman

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